Well you know me, add me to this!!

Location: Texas

Add me to it too fool.


I’m in.
Location: SRK.

Update: Renique wants to participate this event.

wheres renique from

updated first post with entrants

From Texas

Yipes isn’t from Texas.

I know he isn’t from Texas. He was asking where he’s at right now. That way he can set up base on time-zone.

3s isnt popular

But I sorta figured that out on my own already LOL

It’s not that ErixXx!! It’s just that this game already has it’s own tournament bracket design in the game so in a way people don’t find much attention doing one on the outside.

Not to many players cuz 3S is for scrubs.

I see less lobbies than MvC2 :frowning:

i give up

3soe is dead on psn srk