Lodi Norcal Downtown Throwdown #6 (SSFIV singles/teams, MvC3) 3/20/11 Lodi,Ca

Time yet again to get ready to Throwdown and prove you got what and put your money where your mouth is. This time LDNT is throwing not only SSFIV Singles and Teams but MVC3 aswell, so lets get hype and see who has got that Curly Mustache and who doesn’t.

The tournament will be held on non lag crt and asus monitors. The system of choice will be XBox360 and of course we encourage you to bring your own sticks/pads. We will have an extra pad or stick just in case for those who dont have one just yet.

The entry fee SSFIV singles will be $10 with a $2 venue fee, and the entry for SSFIV teams will be $15 per team no venue fee. The entry fee for MvC3 will be $10 no venue fee aswell due to it being a new game added to the roster.

Due to the amount of money that the new venue is going to cost we are going to have to postpone the move until the next Throwdown. So the venue will be the same as usual. Here at the trusty Lodi Comic Grapevine.

The Venue will be provided by Alan Chan @
Comic Grapevine
9 W Pine St
Lodi, CA 95240
(209) 368-1096

The SSFIV Feam Tournament will start at 2pm along with the MvC tournament. The SSFIV Singles Tournament will then follow as soon as the team tournament ends. Registration will start for all tournaments around 11am and end at 2pm. Due to the amount of tournaments running please be on time. If you cannot make it in time call the store and let us know so we can wait for you otherwise we cant add you. The singles registration for SSFIV will end around 3:30 but may be pushed later depending on the team tournament.

Lets get hype and rock another amazing tournament.

Entry fee for SSF4 Singles is ten dollars per game played?! Or am I reading that wrong?

Hey Response time is irrelevant to fighting games. Just wanted to clear that up.

Lol no that was a typo. Its the same as always $10 to enter. That would be rediculous =).

What i ment is that there isn’t lag on the monitors. Acceptable lag is like 2 ms like on the monitors they use for evo. That is what im trying to say.


qcf + Bump


So we just started a facebook page to post updates/photos/and video of the tournaments we throw if you are interested the Facebook name is Norcal Throwdown, in lodi ca and just send a friend request


Is teams 3 on 3 or 2v2?

swoop me up if you come through! i’m on the way to lodi, like letterally lol

give 'em BALLS nigga lol

its 3v3

is that extra stick still available?

yes it will be available to everyone gunna have to share it lol

JOE FLORES! MY NIGGA! if you see this you mind hookin’ it up with a sticky, boss? for sure!

lol Korngo puttin in work!

Yay we found a huge venue im so excited imma try to get some photos to show yall that come to the next tournament what the new venue is going to look like =)

you already know!!! yeee!!! o’let’s dooooooooooooooo it!

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