Logans soft spot for Jean & the Dark Pheonix

So after playing with pheonix for a good month and a half now i’ve noticed she has a lot of advantages that make up for her lack of health, and other damaging qualites. One of the biggest ones i’ve noticed and i’m know sure if this is just me or its actually implimented in the game is the fact that whenever Wolvarine & Pheonix are on the screen together Pheonix will ALWAYS get priority over Wolvie due to their history in Marvel lore, not only is Wolvies Priority effected but his overall speed takes a 10% drop as well.

Any thoughts on this from some of the more seasoned Pheonix players, or someone who may have also noticed this?

They aren’t affected. Beserker charge, XF, none of the speed changes are effected when Phoenix is on screen fighting Wolverine. As for priority, I don’t know for sure but, testing out moves for both suggests no priority changes are made when they vs. each other. Beserker rage won’t even let Phoenix get close when she use TK overdrive. But as for Dark Phoenix, the feathers give her priority since they are considered projectiles and stop most of Wolverine’s moves.

That makes sense. No offense on the OP, but it sounds like a stupid mechanic to implement imo.

Wow… Could you guys seriously not understand a basic troll?

Its a REALLY bad troll, to be fair.