Login issues?

Earlier today I was logged out and couldn’t get back in, and it has persisted, even until now. This is actually the only forum that I am logged in for (not really sure how that’s possible!). If I click on anything else I’m no longer logged in.

im having the same problem…

having the same problem posting in the wisconsin regional thread.

Good news is my MADDEN 12 ADS BY EA SPORTS are working

I am stuck with the forum curse too



wow lol, I wasn’t able to login a second ago. Somehow I just got on right now, but it’s been going in and out a lot.

help, plz fix.

Same problems.

Me too :frowning:

Me too! Somebody fix this, lol.

i just logged in, i think it might have been fixed

finally got in after clearing cookies/cache. and yeah, that madden ad was stupid taking up the whole left fourth of my screen so I couldn’t click any SRK links in that area.

and can’t post now…

dammit. logged in after 15 tries. help

It’s still not fixed. I’m in a quantum state of being logged in and not logged in at the same time: sometimes, I can post, and other times, I can’t access anything.

and i cant leave this page or im out again

+1 for login limbo

It seems random right now. I was able to post in GD, but am no longer logged in when I go there and can no longer post. I lost this forum for a couple minutes, but now it’s back

Can’t log in via a browser at all. I can only post via Tapatalk lol.

thought i was the only one experiencing this…please fix

dont know how i managed to log in now