Logitech Chillstream Gamepad - Do you recommend it?

Hi. It’s very annoying how difficult it is finding reviews of any hardware with fighting games in mind. I’m curious about how good the Logitech Chillstream (for PC) is for fighting. I got a Logitech Cordless Precision Controller for my PS2 and I like it a lot only as a PS2 controller. When I use it on my PC using a USB adapter, the experience is less than excellent - I have immense trouble with HCB/HCF 2x in this case, for example. So, I’m interested in getting a native USB controller instead of relying on an adapter. :frowning:

What are your thoughts on this controller?


it’s expensive as crap. Plus that pad is just a copy of the Wired Xbox 360 pad, so just get the Official instead. If you do, don’t get the “PC” version, or look closely, one of them cost more, because it comes with a driver CD, and you can find the drivers online.
Or, if you have an adapter, just use a Sony Dualshock on the PC, it’s as good as any gamepad…

Well, actually, I have two different USB adapters for using PS gamepads and both leave something to be desired when we’re talking about fighting games. They introduce a delay in response that makes the overall experience kinda frustrating. I play the same game - Capcom VS SNK 2 - both on my PS2 and my PC - using nullDC, a Dreamcast emulator, using the same controllers - Dual Shock 2 and Logitech Cordless Precision Controller, and it’s unmistakably easier to perform combos and super combos on the PS2. My favorite subjects for testing the difference in a simple way are HCB/HCF 2x (e.g. Messatsu Gou Hadou) and Geese’s Raising Storm, which come off way more easily on the PS2, regardless of which of the two controllers I use (though I do prefer the Logitech one).

This pattern can be noticed in other games, and definitely not only when emulating a DC. I even changed the global USB polling rate from 125 Hz (8 ms between readings) to 500 Hz (2 ms between readings) by editing the USB driver (usbport.sys) under Windows XP, but though it may help, it’s not enough.

BTW, I tend to trust Logitech more than Microsoft or Sony when it comes to quality. That’s why I’m interested in hearing people’s experiences, especially when it comes to fighting games, which are the most demanding kind of games as far as I know. That Logitech Chillstream may be really something in terms of accuracy and responsiveness, or it may be “ok”, or it may suck. Also, the MS controller may be better than it in this case, or not. I simply don’t know. Do you? :slight_smile:


As I said, “definitely not only when emulating a DC”. The fighting game I’ve played the most on my PC is Street Fighter Alpha 3, using WinKawaks, Final Burn Alpha or Final Burn Evo. In fact, I might go so far as to say the last time I played Super Mario World (!!!) on ZSnes my timing was a little off (-__-’), but this is tougher to support, since it’s not nearly as demanding as a fighting game.

Also, according to this, the EMS2 USB adapter does introduce noticeable lag.

On a side note, I have a friend who abhors playing fighting games on the PC, claiming USB sucks, whereas playing on the PS2 is excellent. I’d like to think - or hope - there can be excellent fighting gaming on the PC. :\

If the converter is your problem then, why not get a good converter?

Well, I’ve done some research, but it’s not easy. I hope now that a Super Dual Box, using only one of the two ports (otherwise it does lag, supposedly), can do the trick, but I’m always skeptical. The thing is the impression I have is that the market is crowded with bad adapters, and finding a good one is almost a feat. That and the fact I’d rather order something in Brazil. I found a Super Dual Box…

If even a supposedly lag-free Super Dual Box (when using one port) fails me, I’ll be even less encouraged to insist on using adapters, and seeking native USB controllers will be more compelling. Meanwhile, I try to get information on apparently interesting controllers such as the Logitech Chillstream. My idea is that people around here are fighting game fans and all… o.o

As far as converters, I’d reconsider your research methodology. There is a huge post here with tons of converter info. It’s listed in the stickies up top.


As far as computer joypads, sticks–either commercial, modded commercial, or custom–are much more popular here than joypads. By looking at a listing of that product on amazon.com, it looks like an x360 style controller. You probably won’t find many positive reviews of such a product here.

I have the 360 controller, I haven’t tried that logitech, but I have used the 360 pad. I am using the XBCD drivers for it, and it has no lag at all, so that isn’t a problem. Of course, I prefer to use my stick, but it works all right for a fighting game. The buttons are kind of soft, and the D-Pad is not as precise as I’d like. (Sometimes a DP motion comes out as a HCB) But if you are gonna use a PC pad, it’s all right, and basically I can play at almost the same level with it.
I’d say a convertor to use a DualShock that won’t have any lag will work better, though. I have a super Joybox, a 4 player adapter, and it works perfectly fine without any lag. I’d say check the adapter thread to get the best views on it.
About the controller you are talkign about, I searched just it’s name on google, and I think the first or second response was a detailed review, and basically, you’re not gonna get a better review here, we are stick guys.