Logitech RumblePad 2 Wired Questions


Background - I am not an expert. I consider myself pretty savvy and a fast learner.

Goal of Thread - I want to turn this pad into a fightstick for my PS3.

Things to Note - It works on PS3
is there a video/WriteUp anywhere or one that is close to this type of pad?

I apologize if there is already a thread made for this. I just couldn’t find what i was looking for so i decided to ask.
Thanks for the help in advanced





First, image tags do not work with files on your desktop.
You need to use a online image/file service like photobucket, imgur, ect.

Before you start, read Slagcoin.com the site is a little out of date now but none of the fundamentals have changed.

Also, Choose a different source for a PCB (printed Circuit board), the LOGITECH RUMBLEPAD 2 is not ideal for DIY custom stick projects.
I like to suggest one of the following for you, Toodles Cthulhu, the Cerberus Board (will need to solder) or the ZD (Zero Delay) Controller.

There also the PS360+ if you want PS2, Dreamcast and Xbox support.


TBH I’m just trying to use what i have on hand. I’m not a tournament guy, nor do i want to be. I play a lot just for fun. i dont really want to spend money on this project. call me cheap but college is expensive lol. i just happened to have the controller and an extra messed up stick, so its just a fun little project.

i’ll definitely check out Slagcoin.com, i just need to know what im looking at basically. like is it find the ground, set the wire, solder, then do it again for every button?


I’m all for encouraging people to try out new things.

However, keep in mind that, very often, trying to get a crap PCB to work the way you want to may actually end up costing you MORE in additional parts, tools, and time.

For example, turning that pad into a PS3 stick will obviously require soldering. If you don’t have a soldering iron already, it’s money you’ll have to spend. On the flipside, if you wanted something more streamlined, a Cthulhu or ZD Encoder would bypass the need of a soldering iron.

Anyhow, it’ll all be up to you to determine what’s worthwhile to you.


tools i have all on hand. knowledge is where im lacking. i know how to solder and things like that im just not exactly sure how everything wires up together (if that makes any sense)


This is a Rumblepad2 PCB:

… and it is (almost) exactly the same PCB as shown here:

With this diagram you may be able to find the right spots for soldering.


Awesome! doesn’t look too complicated lol if any of y’all have some other references or videos on how wire-ups work feel free to post :slight_smile: