Logo/art commisions

I’m going to be a student at UCLA design|media arts and I currently specialize in vector art which is particularly appropriate for logos and other web design applications. I’m trying to pay off as much of college as I can so after doing the logo for my friend’s site, I figured I could maybe make some spare change. My portfolio is available here http://chippermonky.deviantart.com/ and most recently, I redid the logo for originxt.com which is currently getting a complete overhaul though the changes aren’t implemented yet.

I’m actually not necessarily posting here to take commissions but more so to inquire for interest and information. So how many of you would be interested and how much would you be willing to pay for something simple like a logo (which take me about 2 hours to do) and something more complicated like a full blown art piece (which take me 6+hours to do). And for those of you who have knowledge, whats the going rate for professional commissions.

Of course, if you want to try me out, I might take a commission.

You created the Laughing Man Logo from that one cartoon? If you did then your rates are tops. If not, then I fell for your lil ploy. Well played Sanjaya…well played.

He just vectored the Laughing Man logo for future reference.

yeah, the laughing man was just fanart I did. The .ai file for that *would be publicly available except I think I lost the original files from harddrive crash :(. Oh well.