Logo art request. Willing to pay if necessary


We are putting together a ranked battle style series of events and I’m looking for a cool logo to put on promotional materials and on our state’s tourney website.

It’s called

“Digital Slugfest” Fighting Circuit

It features Street Fighter 4 as the primary game for every event plus one other game at each event which switches. Other games include Marvel vs Capcom 2, Tekken 6, Soul Calibur 4, BlazBlue, KOFXII, and Samurai Showdown. So the logo can have characters and elements from those games, and if the logo does include game specific elements it should have a variety picked from those games to indicate the variety of games to be played.

Oh, in advance, I’d rather not have a prominent “digital” art style (you know, like the Digimon logo or something) just because the word digital is in there.

If you can provide me with a good enough sample from ANYTHING you’ve done in the past (not asking you to do it in advance, just show me some indication of what you can do) as well as run your idea by me I’d be willing to give you some money if it’s good enough.

$20. I’ll throw in a tip if it’s really good. If you can prove that you deserve more through art samples, I may be willing to pay more. We’ll negotiate.

So send me a PM if you’re interested but post here if it’s a question because others may have the same question.

Thanks in advance!!


I may be able to come up with something for you. What kind of colors are you looking for?


I’m going to leave everything up to the artist. You guys know what works and what doesn’t. :slight_smile: