Logo Design

As some of you know, I run the website www.jlimports.com, we specialize in imported Japanese parts and special order items. We’ve got our site up and we’re happy with it but we wanted to add a company logo. This logo will also be used for shirts we’re going to make and placed on the website and invoice forms we’ve created. Besides including the company name of JL Imports, I really don’t have too many specifics other than we’d like something professional looking but still related to the theme of what we do.

Of course, I’ll pay for your time and work, just let me know what you think this would cost and what your estimated time would be to complete it. Previous examples of work are always a plus.

yo…did u ever find anyone to work on a logo for you?? i’m willing to take a stab at it if u still need one…i was thinking around $100…we could work something out…of course, this is the internet…u could probably find someone to do it for next to nothing…anywho, i wont charge u anything if u dont use it or its likeness…i can upload some of my work once my broadband comes back on…i’m using dial up right now >.< …just uh, let me know…

Sorry buddy, we had to close down earlier this week.