Logo help?


i drew a rough draft of my business logo in inkscape, but i’m having Colorer’s Block. anyone wanna take a crack at coloring this thing? i don’t think it would need more than 2 colors on it. it’s supposed to be the initials of my business name in the shape of a comic speech bubble. also CC is welcome on the design.




that’s not a bad look. my website will have a white background so i didn’t have to make the white oval. i do plan on making them different colors. any other color combination ideas? also, should the left fork of the “V” be outside like that or would it look better on the inside of the “bubble?”


V should be red or blue…idk.


hmmm… looks a little "Superman-y"


I was talking about just the V…leave the S like it was.


how about black S, yellow V?


might be a little cliche, but when I saw the logo, I thought of Ying-Yang. You can do something like that with fire and ice, or something less cliche. besides the letters, do you have a symbol or something that goes with your company? Ideas can be merged with that if it exists.



EDIT: @ WARNA BROTHER: well right now, the logo is the symbol. i plan on taking a bunch of pictures of things and putting the logo somewhere in the picture.


i think black and red or black and green look the best

black and yellow is too much like batman :rofl:


NEECROOOOOOOOO OK i like these i drew much better. which one looks better?




could some gracious human being convert these to a vector for me?


I like the second one, Shaft Agent. And I shall convert these for you right now [but open to anyone else if they wish to tackle the cause].

Edit: Done. You want them at a certain size here or do you want me to email you the .ai files?

Note: I just used LiveTrace. Fug…I totally lost some of my Illustrator skills.

:d: Sent.


sure! thanks alot! osp@superb-villains.com


haha Sas, i’m so stupid. i didn’t tell you i was using Inkscape (which i’m a total noob at). only 1/4 of the pictures will open. i have no idea what’s going on :rofl: does AI support svg (even then, i’m not sure it will open right)? they look great so far though :rofl:


Yep, there’s a .SVG option in Illustrator. I’ll save them as .SVG and send them your way in a little bit.

Edit: Sent.


YES! they work! thank you so much! :woot:


You can’t have a super hero logo without some sort of shiney bevel

Edit I was bored so…


heh, i plan on engraving/inlaying my logo into the stuff i make. i can’t do all that fancy-schmancy stuff- not yet at least. :rofl: