Loki's Tournament April 18th


I just know the Marvel results…

  1. Trinh
  2. Issaryia
  3. Mike Svien
  4. Alan ?
  5. Jeremy Flint/Moe

Wow, dope tournament. First and most important, fully functioning awesome marvel cab. Japanese style, so two cabs put up against each other. Second, very close grand finals Trinh vs. Issariya (0-4, 4-3). Trinh’s Cable combo to win game 5… wow. Some Alan fellow put up a mean Blackheart performance, he needs to come down to Lanwerx tournaments… I beat Trinh twice in casual before hand. It made my day before the tournament started… I guess my luck was used up 'cause I went two and out.

Thanks to everyone who came down, Loki told me after a lot of the marvel players had left that there will probably be tournaments next Sunday and the Sunday after, one of which will conflict w/ Kicks, but oh well.

Oh, the other games were a lot of fun too, but I was running Marvel so I wasn’t paying that much attention. I appreciate even more what Zach does at the Kicks tournaments now!

So yeah. Good times, more people should show up in the following weeks. Most of the stuff is out of the store so there’s plenty of room, and the cabs are workin’ great. Hope they get moved to Woodinville Lanwerx once Famcom goes.


Chipping me to death with cable/doom for 70 seconds


My first tournament - lots of fun. I liked the head-to-head setup of the mvc cabinet. Having all that space to yourself is really nice.

Blackheart/commando/[Cyclops/Doom] was good to me today, except when I ran into trinh and mike. :o A lot of my other matches were pretty close and came down to a final 1 on 1.

Good times indeed.



chaos results

John Michael "lifetimeboy"
Vataire Graham "Veteru"
Konoeloki Smith "Lokis"
Jeremy Crist "Flint"
Richard Duck "crashx99"
Alan Gasperini "sjelkjd"
Trinh Nguyen "DirtyShin"
Andre Paton “P-Thug”


last time trinh was down in charleston, he said his team was sentinel/cable/commando, but i heard he plays some BH/cable/doom??