Lol at this guy

Wrong forum.

But lol.

The unwritten rule in FG speedruns is that you cant take damage from the AI, even from a block but yeah he sucks.

It’s not a speed run but yeah lol…

7:53 is pure gold. Its funny because its not even on MAX difficulty and he still gets owned. I can safely say that I am not the worse player in the world.

in before close


Should’ve taunted after each glorious win.

Shit, I just realized this guy didn’t even beat Gill. :rofl:

ok maybe he just sucks with Alex…

ahhh, we were all crap once. I’m still not that great. Damage setting/Difficulty is pretty funny though. Maybe he was playing with keyboard…

7:12, upon seeing Ryu: “Aww shit”

sounds like 2I Alex playing 3S Alex?!


Frames constantly lag in the video, don’t know what he was using but I’ll watch it again.

lol “Head Butt to the face BITCH!!”

This guy’s voice is too funny. I can’t believe people actually talk like this.

You’ed be surprised.

pauses game

“Fuck that! He used resurrection at the last fuckin…”






Actually…I kinda agree except for Ryu and Ken Sucking.

A few of the things he said may have been alright, but for me it was just too much nonsense lol. “Ryu and Ken get owned by the whole cast.” “Yang, the better of the two brothers.” “The only worthwhile upgrade was the soundtrack.” etc

lol shrug