Lol@ blocking

How come when I hold back, I still get hit for full damage? what am I doing wrong? My character gets knocked out, Akuma gets sent out, and my hands are away from the buttons, and I’m holding away on my joystick, and I took a full 27 hit combo from a team super. What am I doing wrong?

WTF is this Gamefaqs? they are called unblockables. Or are you sure you aren’t pushing anything? I doubt 95% of the online population knows anything about unblockables. I bearly play this game and I know about this.

You have to hold down-back to block low attacks. If you got hit by a high or mid, you must have pressed a button.

Or it was unblockable or he was blocking wrong.

If Akuma hit high while the sent assist hit low or vice versa, that is an unblockable. Try to avoid getting rushed by that. To avoid that situation altogether, block in the air (has it’s own downsides of course).

I’m pretty sure Trish’s lightning super and thors lightning tornado isn’t “Unblockable”

Chip damage…if you got kill while still blocking it’s probably from the chip damage. It’s not full damage, but, chip damage is a tad bit higher in this game then most I’ve play.

Well, Chip damage definitely doesn’t cause the combo ticker to go up. especially to 27. and during the team hyper combo, trish’s is the only one that actually hit me. I mean, I understand that If I fail at advanced guarding, I deserve to get punished, but Akuma literally just came out, I’m holding “away” and I get whopped with a 27 hit combo. I just don’t understand this game.

If you’re playing online, lag.

Lost a match because of this once, but y’know I just shrug it off. Noob wasn’t even doing unblockables or overheads.

Obviously you weren’t holding “away”.

They should ban your IP from shoryuken for this absolutely retarded post.

I was playing with my roomate.I was just posting this here, because maybe there could have been some kind of glitch you guys knew about, or maybe akuma just cannot block. If I come into this situation again, I’ll just simply stop playing this and go play MvC2. At least holding back/away means block in that game. And I do know how to block low and high, I played alot of SSF4 ( which I should prolly get back to, since this game is actually killing most of my FG technique anyway) But thanks for the advice and trollage I’m done here.

Now I’m confused. Are you saying that you were controlling Akuma who just finished tagging in? Every character is vulnerable for 1-2 seconds after being tagged in. Even if you were holding back, you would still get hit.

holding it away from what, the tv screen

i don’t think holding the stick straight down does anything

Well, if I understand this right you did a raw tag for your Akuma? If that’s the case, if they caught you during or a little after the taunt you can’t do anything about it. That’s why Raw tags generally aren’t a good idea for the most part.

If you got combod by the attack, you weren’t blocking it.

Point the stick in the opposite direction of the other character to block an attack. Blocking greatly reduces the damage of attacks ( many normals even do 0 damage while blocking ), and decreases the amount of “stun” ( the number of frames you’re unable to act due to an attack hitting you ) an attack deals. Special properties of an attack, like being sent flying, launched, grounded, etc also are not inflicted upon you if you block the attack.

Certain attacks, however, have the ability to hit high or low. An attack that hits low must be blocked in a crouching animation, while an attack that hits high must be blocked while standing. Attempting to block a low attack by holding :b: or block a high attack by holding :db: on your joystick or d-pad will cause the attack to hit anyways. Worth noting, if you’re in the air you cannot be hit high or low, and all attacks can be airblocked by holding back, up back, or down back.

Also worth noting, throws and certain special attacks are unblockable by nature, even if you’re holding back on the joystick the attack will still connect.

Finally, you cannot block if your character is in “hitstun” ( the stagger effect after a character is struck by an attack. This includes special states like dizzy or knockdown ) or in the process of executing one of your own attacks. ( i.e. if you punch and someone else hits you with a fireball, you cannot block the fireball, as your character is in the process of throwing a punch instead ).

I can’t tell if this is trolling or not but regardless this is a pretty basic question that’s been well answered.