Lol cant pull off supers with madcatz SE o.O

im Righthanded!? ( dont know the english word for it sry… i write with the right hand.)

if im looking —> i cant pull of supers… i do the hadouken move 2times and he starts to jump?

if im looking <— it all works perfect wtf?

same thing goes with dragonpunch

is it because im new to the sticks and im holding it wrong?
i dont know how to hold it correctly :X
im try to hold it the “wineglass grap” way… pls help me :X

The SE stick and buttons are pretty rubbish. I’m stuck using the SE stick’s stock joystick right now and it’s so used right now and unresponsive that it kills me sometimes when my motions don’t come out.

However in your case I think you may be missing motions just because you’re not used to playing on one side yet.

There is no ‘correct’ way to hold a joystick, do what feels natural and comfortable. I hold my joystick like I’m shaking hands with a stick. (no homo)

I’d suggest switching to Sanwa parts and practicing doing motions on both sides.

lol what a waste of topic o.O

There is a thread with a video on how to hold your joystick.
If you can’t pull of a super, practice more. And for God sakes, get some sanwa in that SE.

what a waste of post.
if theres a thread link it here and stop spamming.

It sounds like you’re still learning how to use a stick, I found it hard at first too but you get used to doing that motion facing right.

Here’s your goddamn link:

If it weren’t for topics like this, these would be much easier to find, though I don’t see how it can get any easier.

I just used the SEARCH button up at the top and typed in “how to hold japanese joystick”. Boom, right there.

Learn to search, learn to read. And use that noobie thread up there.

shut up and practice.

yo practice please

a real artist does not blame his tools