LOL just fricking LOL



saw this earlier on eventhubs

wait for it

wtf? why u no give Guy bushin chain cancel to izuna?


Any reason why you couldn’t put this in general discussion rather than make a whole new thread? Also she’s still being toyed with 85% complete, not everything is set in stone. Also remember for Guy to be able to do that damage she just did, we’d just have to land the chain basically.


Another ultra-heavy character who’ll do crazy damage with little effort.


Doubtful because I see her damage output being low when she drops. Peter even said damage won’t be her strong suit mixups will be plus everything she does is unsafe? Plus the fact she uses W ultra well off the bat. Her damage isn’t going to be that strong.


Yeah looks like a gimmicky character


most of her moves are unsafe and like blooddrunk said, shes not complete and her damage isnt all that great


I wasn’t talking about her normal combo dmg. She can do a 2 hit target combo into *ultra *from what I saw.


They already made alot of changes since her reveal. So im sute if its op it will be adjusted. They removed her ground spiral arrow completely


Most characters that do normals into Ultra tend to do this amount of damage… between 430-460. Considering that’s the average I wouldn’t be worried about her overall damage. Worry about why you got hit, she can only get that off so much and its an AA ultra as well.


Yeah I think honestly they made her OP just for that demonstration. Otherwise if she was a glass cannon type, Ryan could have just bodied her which would have been a really poor demo of her. She was doing way too much damage and had way too much health to be balanced with the rest of the cast. Her damage output was putting vanilla Sagat to shame!

But as for being able to air throw from a juggle state, I think it’s cool. Would have been a nice addition for Guy like he can do in SFxT.

Also, Decapre’s ultras are both going to be charge commands I believe, which makes them harder to both do immediately on reaction and link into mid-combo (for the 3 frame one). I think she will just be a gimmicky mixup character that won’t be much of a threat once you know which direction to block her setups. I bet Guy’s cr. Mp will blow up a lot of her teleport shenanigans.

I’m looking forward to having these new matchups to learn and may even give Rolento a try…


Decapre will be my secondary so if anyone wants to run sets hopefully I can oblige with her when ultras out. Help bushin players learn the matchup


Strider Hiryu is my hero so the fact that she uses Ragnarok was pretty much sealed for me to use her as a secondary just for lulz, charge player or not. But I’ll worry about facing Russian December after the 4 hurt boxes on the SFxT rips are sorted.


They’ve been fixed accordingly


In that case… yeah fuck Decapre! What’s this I heard about 3-frame Ultra by James Chen on commentary? You have to scale that damage strictly Capcom. Or Else. I know where you’re grandma be at.


That’s been reduced as well. They only showed her off OP just to try and get people hyped about her.


I would have said back to complaining about the (lack of) Guy buffs but tbh I don’t like Decapre’s warp. They say the beam trail is a giveaway but by the time it was apparent, Capcomfiend was already in his next attack or motion. You literally can’t react to it.


They changed a lot of things, it was posted in Ehubs, she now has an afterimage depicting where she will go, it aids letting you know what she’s at least going to attempt. She’s going to be different from what we saw by the final build.


Wow they just set poor Ryan up basically…


At least he was still paid to lose Keepo