"LOL Online" Thread: UMVC3 Edition!


This thread is dedicated to players who play UMVC3 online over XBL/PSN of all skill levels who have all sorts of crazy things happen to them (be it good or bad) just so we all realize that online is ass and remember that in most cases, not to take it seriously.

The LOL online thread is for any events whether it be dropping a game-winning combo due to input lag, or winning due to input lag/hatemail/ or even good shit that makes you go “LOL Online”.

For me,
last week I was playing ranked vs. a cosmic lord and was about to get me a perfect. I was feeling myself a bit so I went for a Mad beast combo online, and surprisingly landed the first rep (which is the hardest) and went into almost the Full BNB.
As, I was finishing my Mad beast BNB, I was feeling like the shit. not even like Shit but THE SHIT. I’m almost done, and on my 18th and final rep and was about to put in the input for raven spike when I got the feared message


and just like that, my Happiness, my feelings of joy gone. When I went back to the dashboard and reconnected to Xbox, I got a message from my opponent

“Dude, you were about to perfect me, why rage-quit?”

LOL Online.


This one time I played a Namco game instead and enjoyed online.


This was about 3 months ago. Working on a perfect on this guy playing Wesker. I go up for the down arrows into super, and the lag becomes fucking horrendous all of a sudden and all I got was a jump. Wesker pops x-factor and does what he does best with a pixel of life left.

Then he sends me this, not the picture but the message.


I then proceeded to take my game out and go back to playing AE due to the heavy levels of Marvel Salt.


I tried to do a basic foot dive loop in the corner with Doom and the S relaunch would drop after the footdives.

I was like “yup…online sucks”.


Try any Magneto combo online. I dare you.


I’ve been trying to learn to ROM on pad recently, I have the Fanatiq starter version down in training mode. So then I went online and tried to do it in ranked.



My team and gameplay is as LOL online as online can get

I kick ass AND get my ass kicked but it’s all fun and games in the end… playing a zoning Nemesis online is fun, really

cant believe I made it all the way to 1st lord LOL


I’m not gonna lie, if he sent me that picture after that match…I wouldn’t even be mad.


**NEW **UMVC3 Super Laggy Online Tier List


Gods Among Men:
Captain Fucking America, Wesker, Dr. Doom, Vergil, Wolverine, Spencer, Dormmamu, Derp West, Taskmaster, Phoenix, NOVA, HULK,

Faceroll Tier:
Ammy, Firebrand, Haggar, Super Skrull, Sentinel, Hawkeye, Strider (Orbs only), Dante, Trish (Needs Doom), Morrigan (Needs Doom),

Mid Tier:
Magneto, Ryu, Akuma

Why Even bother Tier:
The rest

Shuma, Chun-li, Jill


Hey, you wanna try to actually do Morrigan combos in lag? I don’t blame her for running.


Why do Combos when I can just shell kick someone and TAC for easy damage? >_<


Wat. Hawkeye gets destroyed by lag (assuming you don’t just triple arrow xx gimlet like most fraudulent Hawkeyes), and playing Zero in bad lag is pretty difficult as well.

Why the heck aren’t Hulk and Sentinel in untouchable tier? Zero should be in mid/faceroll tier…


I play Cap + Drones online. Does anything else need to be said?


Never has anyone gone from my “top favorite posters” to “god I might have to go to SRK white to block this guy” status so quickly.


Dante is so unplayable online its not even funny. Bold cancel into anything? Nope just Bold cancel.


J.S into Hammer is all you need


people quit when i win, often sending a nasty message as well.
people quit when i lose, often sending a nasty message as well.
people quit on the team vs screen, though i’ve yet to get a message when that happens.

the wonderful world of psn marvel has no love for morrigan, even my simple one ;_;


I have the most fun using Magneto online. I finally learned the Hyper grab loop(the fact I call it that shows how much effort I had to put into coming to grips with it- I couldn’t even get the name right initially). Went onlin…, Air H, Dash down H, Standing H, Hyper grav->super jump up, dash down- CHING! Opponent begins Wesker XF3 comeback. Ok then, so I can’t do that online.

I learned the ROM, went online (and all this is from a match against a friend who used Task, Doom and Vergil.)… Air H, Dash Down H, Sup…err normal jump H :blush: OK then, next time I’ll just stick with the basic flight loop.

So… Air H->dash M Flight->oh they dropped out.

Cool, Ok then let me try his magnetic blast combos, no flight needed in that… Air H->Dash H-> Magnetic Blast->Dash Cr.H- Ok so maybe I’m cancelling the Dash too fast for the netcode to read my input. Let me cut out the Cr. H-

Air H->air dash H, Magnetic blast, land, Dash S… Vergil Helm Breakers, otgs and CHING! XF3 Comeback FTW.

My current status on PSN is ‘no Mag, no online’ lol


Oh, I have another story lol. I went into a lobby in which there were some average, decent ranks (5th & 6th ranks). Neilmeister was in there (he & neilerath have been the subject of some minor posts in the rage quitter threads, though he/they as they could be the same person lol, are actually always going through opponents including myself previously in lobbies).

However, it was another player, whose name I shall edit in when I find it lol, that stole the show. I wasn’t watching matches initally, but his trash talk had me rolling. He used Ryu, Cap & Wesker, 5th Lord I think, and he was talking trash and cussing throughout the matches. He then started cussing at everyone to get a mic cos they are cheap as fck, only $22- and this was after he called someone a British cunt lol. He was saying people shouldn’t message him, get a mic, everyone was garbage and the rest. But the gold came when he started calling people scrubby, HOMOPHOBIC, fcks. That’s right, homophobic is the new insult. It’s 2012, calling people gay/cussing gay people is old. He started using homophobic as his new insult. As it should be. But still lol! I need to add him cos he was too funny!


I got one, I went online and found people complaining about online, online, on an online web forum.