LOL OOPS-Girl kills herself to donate organs to her dad, but

That shit is sad

whomp whomp

I hope she wasn’t reading Naruto…

Sorry for the family.

If I were the family, I’d be more than a little heated.


I mean its sad but, that’s also really funny.

You know, even if she was not cremated, her organs would have been useless due the pesticide :confused:
Also what if she was not compatible?

Finally, an uplifting death story on SRK. Good to see there are still places where family is important.
I fully expect MY children to give up their lives to extend my own.

Oh shit wasn’t this the ending to The Killer staring Chow yun Fat?

That movie rocked.


You know what makes this even worse?

At no point in this article does this say that she was ever tested for compatibility. She could’ve killed herself for the doctors to find out that her organs weren’t even compatible with her family’s anyway.

IIRC this story is fake and as old as Jesus.

Still great to see SRK’s reactions to it. I’ll see you all in Hell. Pls bring Fighting gaems

Not as heated as she was.

Well, I’ve never seen it before, snopes doesn’t have anything on it either.

Usually, if it were old/fake, one of the two would happen.

What the fuck were they thinking cremating her, anyway? When you get lemons, you make lemonade. When you get a dead daughter (which is always tragic, don’t get me wrong), you should probably make whatever the equivalent of lemonade is in that situation, especially when you apparently have a dying son.

Well, damn.

you fuckers