LOL people still use Seth?



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2013 Cammy Wishlist

What you tryin to say?


TheKingSeth topic.


I find it funnier that people still make bad threads.


You can still pick Dhalsim and jump back fierce the entire match她nly downside is you dont have wall jump, but just mash slide and throw and youll be fine.


the people who play seth are loyal to him as fuck

just like the guys saluting Seth in his vanilla ending when hes sitting in his chair and proclaiming to be the new emperor of the world

all hail king Seth


Dropping this entire game for BBCS2 if I a new character doesnt grow on me. I dont like any of the new characters now, and Seth is terrible IMO. All of my play since vanilla just feels like a waste of time.


cool story bro


Yeah, Ive been doing really bad against the current NAHs (gotta get back to learning that cross-up j.HK is the only thing that works on these guys and their 3f shoryus) and somehow Im the 34th Seth in the world. Online play doesnt mean anything yadayada but its an indicator of whos using what to some degree. People who wanted to leave him have done so for a while

For comparison, my Sagat has about 500 less BP and is ranked她h, around 400th? To be fair, its only day two of AE on the consoles - but Ive already seen some players ranked around 16,000. So unless everyone is using Evil Ryu, Oni and Yun now.


Poongko. Nuff said


lol people mad salty for not having those poonko skills. you guys complaining are free, seth aint.


The ultimate scrubs character.


One solid but failed ryu player who turned to the cheap side to justify the actions of the million of scrubs online using him because hes effective at an average level of play (i.e. random online game or retarded matchup due to bad game design). The only reason he is known is becuase he plays Seth and youre kinda pinning your hopes on this guy to do you proud. He wont even make top 8 at evo. Hes jsut good in your little world of tempoary exploits.

Seth is nothing but a character suited to people who cant actually master anyone, to people who will gamble lifebar on the multitude of escapes he allows you to make when you screw up and get out of with a more noble character which actuall requires some realy skill, not spam and run.

This is proven by the amount of Seth players who have won anything decent. >>>>>ZERO<<<<<


Also, your post contradicts itself.


frustrated kids

one of the fun things about seth is knowing that every with every win you get, youve made some extremely solid reads, worked fairly hard to get your shit going, and made your opponent respect your options


i will admit i recently hopped on bandwagon of seth after seeing poongko. i switched from ERYU. seth can pretty much do everything better, and this is from someone who was playing eryu from the begining.

im also wondering how active these forums were before poongko. LOL. didnt even know people posetd in this subform for seth.

so on serious note, whats the hardest things you need to learn as a seth playr? (i pick one character and try to master it, so im familiar with bad matchups like zangi vs seth in vanilla).

what are his worst matchups, and from my exp so far, is it true its hard to get in? cause i mean you can light sonic boom then dash in an try and start a mixup. but when playing footsies you cant afford to trade hits really it seems.

as far as poongko is concerned, i think hes just good player and seth is no better than mid tier. you have the options to guess right and do a lot of things but its --how long can that sort of thing last? eventually one wrong read and your opponent gets stun, knockdown, and pressure. with nerfed u1 and u2 it makes it worse. am i right?


Thats because he was broken in vanilla and you based your enjoyment on an array of broken and mostly unfair moves/mechanics, after two years of realising how retarded he was, hes finally been nerfed (if he was not then WHY was he nerfed???) and now youre raging that you dont get all the free things you used to think you were being skillful for and threating to leave the game. Awww diddums, till you can always dream of those mid-air strechy arms!

Why dont you play some SF2 Rainbow Edition on Mame, youll love it mate. you can shit sonic booms and fart yoga flames you can even change character in the middle of the game. Itll be right up your Seth loving street.


his worst match ups are probably viper and fei long. the hardest thing to learn圭ant really say. light sonic boom, dash only works full screen against some characters. most will just blow you up for dashing after a sonic boom (jump punish with certain move or anti fireball move.) and it can be hard to get in with seth - feels like he was originally designed to have characters come to him, but they changed that with ae. basically you are going to have to look at the character and figure out what to do. generally, it works something like this against solid players: react to fireball with ex legs, walk forward cautiously poking with st.MK and cr.MK then land dash spd, or zone with fst.HP and sonic boom cautiously so they approach you while poking with st.MK and cr.MK, remaining unpredictable because one read fst.HP / sonic boom and youre fucked.


I know this is a troll, but

I guarantee you that any scrub that uses Seth will play him as a flowchart Ken, and a flowchart Ken with 800 health will hardly be a go-to easy-to-win character.

FYI, runaway Seth isnt as viable anymore. You will die if you lame it out. Again, remember that 800 health.
And your emphasis on playing noble characters show how much of a scrub (or troll) you are. I get sick of how playing an offensive or low tier character is noble, while using a defensive (Spam and run in scrub talk) or top tier character isnt noble. People mostly play to win, and will use what works for them, noble be damned.

Tony has won a fair amount of WNFs, and Poongko he won SS2K11, though Infiltration gives him big trouble over in Korea.


And again you continue to contradict yourself. You say that Seth was cheap, but you also note the fact a Seth hasnt won a major tournament before Shadaloo Showdown. Im just going to assume that you believe Seth is/was a broken character, but cant come up with a coherent argument to support your belief.

Ill humor you though. What was broken about Seth?