lol popping in

hello plebs. after all these years im popping in to say hi. nice to see some very annoying and most likely ugly faces still spending time on SF! (looking at you super1nyc, royalphlush lmao)

a special hello to exposedd and any of my old bison training bag holders. ah it felt good 2 be the king.

with love,

Can’t tell if joking or trolling.

how thoughtful !
i honestly thought somebody killed you dekor. :)) gunned down in canada!
while you yourself might believe that you are a good player…you are not.
Better than super1nyc though , i’ll give u that much.

The king of cursing loudly through the mic while getting your ass handed to you, maybe, LOL. Entertaining in a way, I guess, though I always had to turn the sound down when playing you if my kids were in the room, LOL.

How do you claim the title of ‘best of anything’ without having proved it in tournaments?

easily… by beating the dogshit out of them on xbox. exposedd maybe 1 day ill show u my tricks. none of this cookie cutter online bison guide trash.

and exposedd dont be rude to a better bison, thank you.

lol dekor. What makes you think that i will take anything that you say seriously?
You were a mediocre player at best who was always crying like a bitch in mic upon defeat.
If you think that you are ANY good at all , whatsoever… You’re wrong , because you suck.

If you do want to get embarassed my tag on ggpo is FortEuropa , come and play me and i will show your shitty ass exactly what lvl you are playing at (scrublvl).

bookmarking this thread

remember that time you put up a vid of beating me one match, then i double perfected you, you said i was better over the mic and removed the video? dont get defensive breh… i dont play this game or run a video game youtube channel with my life :wink:

do NOT be rude to your m. bison forefathers

This thread is going places.

The only thing i really remember was beating you when i was still fresh on the sf2 scene dekor :slight_smile: you sure know how to sit there and talk , just play me instead. Ggpo or xbox ,dosent matter.

I want in. LOL.

before we continue, i would like you to officially confirm or deny the scenario i described. you put up a vid of you beating me 1 match and put it on youtube, and then when i beat you badly, your exact words on the mic were “ok dekor you are a better bison” and removed the video immediately after. itd be pretty retarded for me to make that up, so now its all on you breh.

Post results of the fight. I’m interested.

correction :
as with how you moan in mic with your squeeky voice , you sent me messages on youtube pleading me to remove it.
It would be pretty retarded for me to make that up. Isn’t that right? lol breh poppin in lol poop in ur moms face.

Now then , if you aren’t gonna chicken out. Lets play :))
Either ggpo or xbox , as i mentioned before. Pick 1

are you trying to keep up some reputation or something? i mean its pretty apparent youve been checking in on srk daily all these years that i havent even been playing the game. i didnt mean for you to get your panties in a bunch. i perfected you and then you removed your measly youtube video. and i didnt return to prove anything to you, you social genius. some things never change.


Lol… You and super1nyc have this thing in common where you make things up in your head and make yourself believe it has actually happened.

Does it scare you how i put together these sentences? “Some kind of reputation” LOL… I am just fairly educated (unlike you). You have just been sitting and screaming in a mic like a bitch for half of your life.

I realize that you just want to sit here and talk trash ,thats fine trust me… What else could you possibly expect from the …best old bison dekor screaming homo? Haha

This is my last post in this thread.
Have a good one dekor! Do NOT get gunned down in canada. Lol

Much love


have a nice life maintaining your rep on srk and your youtube channel of gaming vids LOL!

ever thought of starting a clan w mjames and el patriarca?