lol seth

put random attacks and make up a character is capcoms way of saying fuck you.

just to let you all know

Consider me fucked then.

le sigh Does Jinrai still hang around to close this kind of stuff?

I see someones butt hurt about loosing to Seth.

u mad?

He is.
Stop losing to top tier, scrub.

wait whats going on?

I dunno. Whatever it was, it wasn’t against you Chuck P: So dont worry.

My bad yo, edited. >_>

No problem lol.

LOL. scrub who can’t take out a nerfed character with 950 damage. What’s wrong Miss? wakeup shoryu for 1/8 of the lifebar isn’t working out for you? can’t runaway and shoot fireballs anymore? Too damn bad. Go get a bag a potatoes and make some fries with all that salt, or just refuse to fight Seth players like all the other Ranked mode scrubs.

Seth has 750 HP.

that’s even more embarassing. That’s almost half as much as T.Hawk’s.

i vote for hawkinst, doopliss or myself (only as a last resort, power would probably corrupt me =P ) as mods for the seth subforum in times when jinrai is asleep…

What’s even more embarrassing is you try to sound badass on the internet and fail.

I’m not active enough to be a mod :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d do it, I’m on all the time and aren’t biased to anyone :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: am not!******

Well if you’re on at the times when USA is in bed and Europe has been up for 6 hours already, you have my vote as well…i never heard anything being mentioned about SRK being a democracy though =P

Yeah, I am pretty much actually. :stuck_out_tongue: Usually awake untill like 4-5am EST. :slight_smile:

I actually like playing against good Seth players, fun to watch all the crazy shit they do… And it’s just as fun to watch them combo me without taking damage for 45 seconds then hit them with a special and have a life lead.

It hurts dude, it hurts :frowning:

Btw, I think I’m active enough to be a character forum mod…

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