Lol @ this dudley

Cosplayers make all characters look lame.

yeah it seems so.

no one can cosplay dudley unless they take steroids, weight gainer, and work out 10 times a week.

LMFAO! Motherfucker must eat baloney for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

he seriously need to workout heavily on his backs lats arms shoulders traps …

:slight_smile: i want to cosplay kenshiro , i’m well build :slight_smile:

“error 403”… :frowning:

Works fine for me if I open a new browser and cut and paste the link. More pictures on this page- lol

I would grab her ass

and hers

and theres 45 more pages, the hell with this

cosplay post

Are those colors only for the ps2 version?

Evidently Ryu has never heard of “Personal Space.”

I never even knew there were more than 6 colors for 3s!!!

XBOX and Dreamcast too

LP+MK+HP colors work in the arcade version.

Dudley isnt terrible. He did a decent job and he wasnt a fat ass.

Dan wins it though…


That Dan is legit. Dan is the perfect character to cosplay, because the goofier you look, the more accurate the costume is.

we need a SA2 ending pose without a sj cancel for this girl, quick!


That Gadouken that he had was dope though… HD and shit…