Loli loves venom

how the hell did i miss this gem?

i think the loli’s supposed to be gwen stacy cause i saw a gwen stacy pot shot with the toys comic.

its hella cute…i know this is your shit sano.

lol…that’s funny stuff.

I saw one of those in the prem forums and tracked it down. The hide-n-seek kid is hilarious. :rofl:

these are great

heh nice ones.

Fun fact about Venom:
He appears in the Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X manga, he also ‘cameos’ in the Tirgun Maximum manga as well.

These are awesome :rofl: :tup:

haha, great find! (are the parents supposed to be the parkers?)

really? haha thats kinda funny. what do u mean by cameo?

what? i dont see monique. jk


Yep. :rofl:

That one has quite a few references in it.

I like this one as well:

she also does a transformers fan comic…hence all the transformers references.

LOL Venom doesn’t appear in Rurouni Kenshin. The character Mumyoi Yatsume was modeled after Venom is all. Yatsume appears in the first OVA series during Rurouni Kenshin’s past but doesn’t resemble Venom in the anime, just a masked warrrior. There are quite a few characters in Rurouni Kenshin modeled after American comic book characters. Gambit, Blob, Batman, Mr. Sinister, Apocalypse, etc. :smile:

That Loli Venom site is cute and random, funny too. :rofl: Thanks! :smile:

Venom looks like a clubbed seal lol, but it’s kinda cool. I think it is Gwen, since one panel has her parents yelling Gwen, so there you go.

Got a chance to read some on my break, I liked it!

That was unexpectedly cool. :tup:

lol thats what i figured. it makes it so much more funnier.

What Sano said :P, and Venom cameos in one of the Omakes for a volume of Trigun where the author comments on Gungrave (the author of Trigun worked on Gungrave as well)