Lollipop Chainsaw


A stylish action game from Grasshopper Manufacture, of No More Heroes Fame…James Gunn, who wrote the film Slither and the first 2 live action Scooby Doo movies…and Warner Bros.

PS3 and Xbox 360


The trailer that got me…

Story Trailer…

Pre-order skins trailer…so far only available at Gamestop.

Zed’s theme my Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence…who will compose for the game and voice Zed. Juliet also gets a Jimmy Urine skin.

If Suda somehow sneaks in a cameo of a certain assassin…I’ll glee like a glee fan.


I got pretty excited about this game, but it’s not on my top-priority list at this moment. I would be much more hyped if they added more than only zombies as enemies, i’m kinda done with zombies right now.

I wanted enemies a la “Zombies Ate My Neighbors” or with the feel of “The Monster Squad”. That would be a day 1 buy from me.


Ash Williams skin sold me.


new valentine’s day trailer out!


im too hyped for this game, cant wait!

im outi



Looks pretty cool but way too many other games to play first. I’ll probably end up buying it this time next year when it’s $20 like with most games.


Should have just called it Generic Slutty Whore: Zombies.


Reminds me of Onechanbara. Gonna have to show off something cool with the combat for me to raise an eyebrow.


I am a huge MSI fan so when I found out Jimmy was doing some voice acting, working on the OST and Juliet gets a skin of one of his most famous outfits?
Yeah. That’s Win all across the board for me.

I was going to get this game day 1 anyways cause I love Suda51. But the Jimmy Urine collaboration sold it for me 100 fold.


I wasn’t too sold on it until I saw the Valentine’s trailer, which is fuckin’ hilarious. Still don’t think I’ll buy it… but great trailer!


Incredibly excited for this, even if it’s gonna suck.


It’s going to be mindless hack and slash fun.
Nothing wrong with that.

OST is going to be amazing. And this is coming from someone who could give shitless about OST’s
The voice cast is great.
The Gameplay is stupid and fun
The story line is extremely entertaining.


That’s exactly how I felt. Didn’t have any interest in this game until I saw the Valentine trailer. Now I actually may purchase this title.

Also, didn’t realize that Tera Strong was the VA for the lead character.

Well, time to masturbate.



Games look pretty great, story doesn’t concern me so long as it’s entertaining and there’s a good length of gameplay.


Meh. That would never sell…Oh. Wait.



Looks like a good game. If I still had my PS3 or 360, I would buy it. But I’ll just sit back and watch the Western game journalists harp on it for being “too sexist” or “too Japanese.” What the fuck has this industry come to?


This game looks like dumb fun lol. I’ve been following it pretty much since it’s announcement.

Hopefully it’s good. Well, even if it’s not I think it might be worth it too see a boss who can kill you with expletives.


(Pardon my language).


Because this is limited to “Western” journalists.


That’s right. Edge also bitches about useless shit too. I honestly don’t pay much attention to gaming journalism outside of the States. G4 is notorious for being biased and jingoistic, it’s like they’re the Fox News of the gaming world.





I’m ready to split some zombies from groin to sternum. Come out already.

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