Saw your Akuma combo/Demon Flip videos and both were extremely well done. Now not to bug you since I know these take a long time to do, but could you make a tutorial on resets with Akuma? If not that’s fine, I understand.


never have i seen such a perfect PM


Yes, that’s definitely a private message. Does it matter either way? It’s intended as a poll for the majority to vote on. So, a question to both him and the majority of people.


While I would love for loltima to do a reset video as I suck at them.

This would be better served as a PM.

I don’t really think anyone would be against him making a video tutorial on resets.


yeah its right here. -_-



It features him doing a reset, but not explaining how to do it.


explain? lk tatsu, most any normal, cancel into mk.demon flip. As a matter of fact I had no idea and could reset.

anyway, i believe resets are so damn risky outside of stun.

except for this guy: [media=youtube]l_lPOMJJAJc&feature=PlayList&p=57885E3443AA7037&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=18#t=1m55s[/media]


Got me there then. Not going to lie about it.


nice thread. very informative.


I’m sorry but isn’t there around 4 reset threads and one with crazy amounts of info on it. The Vegas Odds reset thread? when it comes to execution it’s called training mode. Seriously I thought the HP reset was hard for all of 2 hours then training mode happened and Walla!


Well hell I would be more than willing to do a quick video on the basic resets when time presents itself to me.


Could use more West. :nono:


does it always have to be medium flip?


st.HP, lk.tastu, st.HP xx mk.flip crosses up i think. i have a hard time getting the 2nd st.hp out so i dont really practice resets.


Actually it depends on what option you plan on using (Grab, Dive, Cross up, Sweep), what reset was used, and who you are using it against.


West is having internet troubles so we will have to wait for some West intervention till later.



I voted yesh guys lets hope that such a grwait man can gets around to it!1


Nice exercising video, input display would have been cool. Are you plinking all the way during the “links” part? Im kinda lost on wether I should use c.lp or to pling c.lp feels more natural for me I guess.


Word of advice, resets don’t work anymore, shit worked once and only once. Any good player can see that shit coming and will either srk or jump out and hit you.


I don’t plink links. I just hit the links on time, it would not be as beneficial to my exercises otherwise. If anything I’d doubletap before plinking standard strings.

Mindgames, you say they don’t work but when you get feigned with a c.lp reset and jump/teleport out and they’re ready for it, that’s damage. I use resets mostly for stun combos since there’s not much to gain from 13 hits or whatever anyway.

Haven’t seen any stuff out of you in a while, you were one of my favorites to watch when the game was brand-spanking new. We should get some games in to see where I’m at.