London 11/23 results CvS2/3S/MvC2



1st Roger Williams "R1BeatDown"
2nd Eric Liu "JS Master"
3rd Kin Mah "kymah"
4th Byron Vlahakis “Ultimate Rugal”


1st Eric Liu "JS Master"
2nd Nassim Ketita "arcticninja"
3rd Kin Mah "kymah"
4th Bryan Simard “JiggaBry”


1st Bryan Simard "JiggaBry"
2nd Eric Liu "JS Master"
3rd Steven Dunn "ROC"
4th Nassim Ketita “arcticninja”

full results posted on APEX.

Hilights of the tourney:


Bryan upsets Eric in CvS2!

congrats to the winners and hope that everyone had fun.


damn these cant be the real results
I dont see Geese’s name anywhere :eek:

oh wait I see it saying he got defeated, my bad.


what teams were used in cvs2?

congrats roger. i’m guessing one of the teams you used was A-blanka/eagle/R2 bison:D?


you nassim

you miss the mvc2 result on apex.

bryan went to london?!!

damn. guess you be coming to waterloo this afternoon.


I actually lost the MvC2 brackets, aya!


actually we only played one game to decide who gets the apex points, sicne the sticks are not functioning properly


sorry nass i somehow ended up with the bracket


1st Bryan Simard "JiggaBry"
2nd Eric Liu "JS Master"
3rd Steven Dunn "ROC"
4th Nassim Ketita "arcticninja"
5th Roger Williams "R1BeatDown"
5th Mihai "Geese"
7th Will
7th Justin baisden “Nagata Lock II” aka curt
9th Kin Mah "kymah"
9th Jason Wong “Noodleman”


thanks, I’ll post it on apex shortly.



Bry “somehow” ended up with the bracket.

That’s pretty funny.


hmmm…I’m surprised to see Geese not placing in the top 3 for 3s.

Has he ever placed top 3 in a 3s tourney before? Just curious.


I’m not sure, but I just watched the his match vs Eric. He looked pretty good beating eric’s C-Yun with C-Vega while keeping most of his life. And almost beating Eric’s R1Bison with the rest of his team. Pretty impressive.


geese decided in the first round he wanted to pick random. so he lost one there. im not sure who he lost to the secound time, i think it was close thou.


Yeah as i mentioned before, this tourney has put me into training mode…i stopped messing around completely…no more random or being cocky.