London Absolution2K4 Full Results


All games format was round robin groups, then DE or SE finals (depending on games). The following are the results for all the 2D games finals.

Street Fighter Zero 3 (DE)

1st: d44bas (V-Akuma) JP
2nd: Kiyo (A-Guy) JP
3rd: Daigo (V-Ryu) JP
4rth: chunkis (V-Akuma) UK
5th: Michael (V-Chunli) UK, INO (V-Akuma) JP
7th: RF JP, Kuni JP
9th: v-ryu SWI, Hani UK, Chikyuu JP, Heat UK
13th: The Destroyer UK, GJ UK, Richard UK, Psi-otg UK

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (SE)

1st: Daigo (Ryu, Balrog) JP
2nd: Zazza (O. Sagat) UK
3rd: Kuni (Zangief) JP
4rth: Chaosflare (Ryu/O. Sagat) UK
5th: The Prince UK, INO JP, Mumra UK, RF JP
9th: v-ryu SWI, Rebel UK, Be^Easy UK, The Chef UK, TheHY UK, RickyXL UK, Psi-otg UK, Archangel UK

Capcom versus SNK 2 (SE)

1st: INO (K Cammy/Blanka/Sagat) JP
2nd: d44bas (A Sakura/Blanka/Vega) JP
3rd: Evil (C Ryu/Blanka/Sagat) FR
4rth: RF (A Sakura/Blanka, Vega) JP
5th: Daigo JP, ERK FR, Cyberguile FR, Kiyo JP
9th: yamazaki93 FR, sdm-uro FR, Powa FR, zouli FR, metisse93or FR, Tsunami GER, Chikyuu JP, skisonic USA
17th: NeoX GER, The Peaceman UK, Bizzy Khan UK, The Chef UK, Asenka FR, Lil_Storm GER, Ice UK, Tayfun GER, Prodigal Son UK, IK Rugal FR, savio78 FR, gakousei FR, Pokai Chong UK, Toki UK, v-ryu SWI, Rick XC UK

Guilty Gear XX #Reload (SE)

1st: Daigo (Sol) JP
2nd: RF (Faust) JP
3rd: d44bas (Slayer) JP
4rth: INO (Sol) JP
5th: ^Arma UK, v-ryu SWI, bloodriot UK, Chikyuu JP
9th: Tsunami GER, Zakuta UK, Tayfun GER, Masamune UK, skisonic USA, onizugab FR, cris UK, Kiyo JP

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (DE)

1st: Daigo (Ken) JP
2nd: Izu (Makoto) JP
3rd: INO (Makoto) JP
4rth: RF (Chun-Li) JP
5th: Chikyuu (Twelve) JP
6th: Carmen (Akuma) HK
7th: Kiyo (Ken) JP, Riri (Yang) JP
9th: CIV UK, BillyKane FR, Yip HK, Deshi JP
13th: The Peaceman UK, Dukus UK, Cuzco FR, J Blaze CAN
17th: Raju UK, Ian UK, savio78 FR, Tayfun GER, NeoX GER, Morning Call UK, TheHY UK, HKC UK
25th: Arma UK, chaosflare UK, Jason UK, chunkis UK, d44bas JP, vince UK, The Chef UK, The Prince UK

3s 5on5s:

Team Japan: Daigo (Ken), Izu (Makoto), INO (Chun-Li), RF (Chun-Li), Chikyuu (Necro/Twelve)
Team Europe: Cuzco (Ken), BillyKane (Yun), CIV (Chun-Li), Morning Call (Makoto), TheHY (Dudley)
Team UK: TheHY (Dudley), CIV (Chun-Li), Dukus (Dudley), chunkis (Ken), HKC (Yun)

Japan vs Europe: 22-3

Morning Call beats Izu
Cuzco beats INO
CIV beats INO
Japan wins the rest

Japan vs UK: 23-2

HKC beats Izu
HKC beats Chikyuu
Japan wins the rest

A3 5on5:

Team Japan: Daigo (V-Ryu), d44bas (V-Akuma), Kiyo (A-Guy), RF (V-Sakura), INO (V-Zangief)
Team UK: Damien (A-Chun-Li), GJ (A-Akuma), Richard (A-Dahlsim), chunkis (V-Akuma), heat (V-Zangief)

Japan vs UK: 16-9


What about the other games? Interested to hear if Ryan Hart got upset in VF like he did in Tekken Tag…



I only have the 2D brackets with me… I think Ryan won VF though.


Anybody from Europe coming over for EVO this year?


Where did SRWILSON place? he’s my favourite UK player!


He didn’t enter.


The biggest joke in the UK.


lol, what do you mean?

i was also looking for srwilson


Did he even show up at all?

J Blaze: What do you mean the biggest joke? did you play him?


<sigh> I didn’t think I would need to explain myself. I will only say that he was a no-show, as usual. No use looking for an explanation either. The fact will remain that he wasn’t there.

Otherwise, that was the best tournament I’ve ever attended. I think many can agree. The excitement of watching the japanese play against each other in casual and tournament play…that was amazing! Watching the Co-op Cup and Kyushu Takai on my computer is one thing…being right beside the japanese while they play and trying to keep up with the match is another. It almost felt like I was in Japan! Or at least that’s the closest feeling one can get without actually going to Japan.

Consider this, 9 japanese entered in 3rd strike. NINE. I’m still in awe. So many good matches. Best memories are : Fabien vs. Daigo. Carmen vs. Izu. Ino vs. Izu.

Suffice to say that I feel sorry for those who had the chance to go to Absolution but didn’t. They really missed out on a rare opportunity.


Biggest joke? wtf LOL

I was gonna come but something came up and my mate who was also comming didnt get paid coz he was sick so he had no work hence no money - hence no money for the competition so I sure as hell wasnt paying for him. Im keeping my money for next event and My mate is getting cash for the next one too once hes cleared to work. And for the record I was very dissapointed I couldnt make absolution due to complications as I mentioned above.
So J Blaze and that other guy from canada don’t even BOTHER starting a flame war since there was legit reasons for not comming when I was meant to be.
As far as being a joke erm I think you will find you are severly wrong should our paths cross at a sf event.

Anyway that is all.

BTW Congrats to all the winners.



:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Out paths wouldn’t cross at a sf event because you don’t go to those. You just go to clock conventions. Hey, your faceparty page is sexy:

I can see why you didn’t wanna leave yout “mate” behind. Since he’s behing you!




who’s evil? no offense or anything, but i didnt know the french played this game. He must be really good considering he placed above daigo. but wtf though, daigo’s fifth!?!! i would imagine that he’d take at LEAST top 3.
I wanna see some videos of this


can someone post the individual results of the 5 on 5’s?


Hahaha that still makes me laugh people go to such lengths to display their hate for someone who likes clocks… pitiful.



SrWilson, you weren’t gonna show up, you didn’t even sign-up on the website even though you already have an account on the forums there. It’s ok to admit you’re chicken shit. No one really cares anymore.

J Blaze, 10 Japanese entered 3rd Strike actually. Kuni lost in the groups stage. And yes, the 3s tournament was awesome. Daigo vs Cuzco and Izu vs Carmen were indeed the best matches IMO. btw, I read somewhere that someone posted I got fucked up by Carmen in the groups? lol, If I didn’t mess up low strong into SA3 with Ken I would’ve won the match, so it was pretty damn close. The only player that fucked me up was Daigo in the 5on5 (he was by far the best 3s player in the whole tournament imo). At least now I know how KO must’ve felt at Evolution2K3. :stuck_out_tongue:

stream3, I don’t have the 5on5 results here so I’ll try and update my first post from memory.


thanks for the info… interesting that he didn’t want to try and qualify for SBO2. I heard he stopped practicing 3s or something, but i guess it came back to him.


I don’t know why he didn’t want to try and qualify for SBO2, he was beasting on everyone including the Japanese players. He won the tournament undefeated and didn’t lose once in the 5on5s. Even in casual play he rarely ever lost at all against anyone (all the other Japanese did). Finals were 3-2 to Daigo, but he was dominating in my opinion, he was just so stable during the whole tournament. Just for information, I asked him who he thought was the best 3s player in Japan besides himself. He said he thought it was Boss.