London Arcades Help

Hey guys

I just moved down south from the arcade desert that is Scotland, to the big smoke of London, and was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some good arcades…I have already been in a couple, the one on oxford st , and the trocadero centre…but i would love to find any of the street fighter 3 machines, double impact, third strike…are these knocking about anywhere down here?


This place can probably help you out

You can go to ‘casino’ on tottenham court road. It’s next to the KFC, Cex (Computer Exchange) and Goodge street tube station. This arcade is a classic which has everything from outrun to NGBC!! upstairs are the shooters and driving games e.g time crisis and initial d) downstairs have SF, KOF, tekken, VF etc.

hey, I think we used to play some games on live! my tag was calciusrepton/royale. the trocadero has 3s in a skanky corner. you’ll probs get some good comp in there on an evening (mainly fridays I think). Also they hold ranking battles in london quite often and there are some awesome players there.

Hey! NGBC is at Casino? I hope the button layout is correct (stupid Troc!) and sticks are decend. I’ve also heard that T5DR is there, is that true?

This is not to be an ass this time, but we finally made an international section in Matchmaking. You should put any and all further get-together info there. FGD is not for this, even if we allowed it in the past.

cool, sorry for posting in wrong place, thanks for the replys, might head down to try out ngbc this weekend, cheeers

and yeah calcius, i think we did fight online…u probably remember whoopin’ my ass :slight_smile:

Not sure if you already know but the trocadero has ngbc too and kofXI. All the fighting games are hidden in a dark corner on back to back cabs.