London Based Arcade Stick Customisers

Hello all. I’m just here to ask a question relating to changing my stick art, and wondered if anybody could point me in the right direction. I simply want to change the art of my Datel arcade stick to something, is there any shops located in London (UK) that could do this? Any advice will be appreciated. has the plexiglass. you could probably just trace the plexi onto your art and cut it with a exacto knife. this probably only useful if your using screw in replacement buttons. if your stick is totally stock then maybe a big sticker would be better. you’ll want to remove the stock buttons and stuff while you do the art.

Here’s the problem, I’m rubbish at that kind of stuff! Do you know of any shops?

there are 2 blokes in the UK advertising such services here

is bloke the right word? I’m not british (you prefer the term english dont you?)

Haha, yes bloke or lad will do. LOL. Thanks :slight_smile:
And English or British, it doesn’t really matter to me.


When highlighting a singular person in the English way (note the word ‘English’. ‘British’ is an awful word used to lump together anyone Scottish, Welsh, Irish, English, or Druid) the correct word could be:


Regarding the topic, there are no shops I no of in England that offer this service. The only people who did have now seemingly given up, probably because they were rubbish at it.

Any printing shop will print out a design for you, which can then be glued in place or put under some plexi. Look at or for a solution.

Thanks for your response, I’ll be certain to check out that site.