London - Casual Play/Tournaments


Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows all the hotspots for just casual gaming/tournaments in London? I’m kinda getting sick of online play due to latency and stuff.


try trocadero in leicester square or the play2win casino on goodge street (next to tottenham court road) which usually has the top uk players. hope that helps dude


hey zawka im also up for some casual offline play, mainly ssfiv but deff up for other games too. i use a pad and my skills aren’t too good with an arcade cabinet so id rather somewhere that uses consoles. ive signed up to neoempire seems like they got a big matchmaking section, still waiting for my account to be authorised but ive been browsing their forums and came across this place=
MySpace - Billy Jay - 27 - Male - London, UK -

i hope they got a fighting game session soon :smiley:


PSN SCRUB NEEDS YOUR HELP - ConsoleBeater (The name is miss-leading, I am a scrub).

So I been playing FPS non stop but just got into Super Street Fighter 4, as you have guessed I’m @ a huge disadvantage because people been playing the standard on PSN year+ prior to me getting aboard.

ConsoleBeater is just a sub account, its not my main.
I want people to add me and invite me to endless, not for practice, I want people who will go all out like its ranked, people who wont cry @ a win.

I got a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 SA coming in the post.

+me and ignore the NO FRIEND REQUESTS on my PSN profile.