London January Thread [CEC SF]


The prelimary site design is up.

Happy birthday to me soon.


Srry i didn’t goto Ace today. I dunno about the Head2head idea. It’s kidna gay. Why don’t we goto one of ur guys houses since u all have all the SF games and shit.


Im gonna be at Ace today around 2. So if ne of u see this, come immediately! killer instinct for life!


You’re really beating a dead horse here.


You’ve just revitalized this thread for weeks to come with that post.


lol, Mihai maybe hes right? anyways ill be at Ace on friday at like 4 and i might bring other people, but reborning SF might not work?


Cool. I went to Ace a few days ago. I wanted to play KI and Marvel but I had no money and I wasn’t about to get a 20 cause I’m that damn lazy. Anyway, I’ll be there at 4, maybe at 5 if I can’t make 4. See u there.


Mihai, where were you last time? damn it, i keep showing up and u are too lazy to go…arrrghh


Dude, the only place i play now is masonville for cvs2. downtown sux. im willing to goto masonville cause its near my home and its not ghetto.


I see, thus SF London is dead.


come to masonville u hobo.


But its too far, and the machine doesn’t work.


hahaha Masonville


masonville arcade is the best in london now. i got elite competition from 9 year old kids.


The sad thing is they are probably already top 5 london material…


just curious…What capcom games do they have at ace now???


Hmmm… we have a broken MvC2, and x-men vs SF.