London Ontario 2008

I wanted to make a new London thread since the other one was from last year and many of the people in that thread seem to have disappeared, so here it is. I would like to say gg’s to Ra’id for the games we had today, they were fun. Talking about the Daigo parry to that one H2H guy was pretty lulz. Too bad time constrains and Josh being sick made the meeting a little less memorable, but it was not bad at all :tup: I hope you get better soon Josh… I think people get tired of playing scrubby me :smile: Anyways, I invite anyone else who’s from around here to come and join us… it would be pretty awesome if we can get a nice group going. Also any ideas as to where we can meet next would be appreciated since I really I’m not looking forward to paying 14 dollars again at H2H for a mere 3 hours of play time (although the staff at H2H was pretty chill I must admit). So see you guys next time.

LoL I just realized that Dy-Ergile is actually Istvan. I didn’t know you made a new account.

Anyways yeah sorry about yesterday, I’ve been feeling crappy all last week but I should be up for any casual gaming now.

We should seriously just combine the London, Guelph,Kitchener and Waterloo threads into one big thread called: Everywhere else West of the GTA. Pretty simple eh?

As for a better place to hold our get togethers… hmmm that’s a tough one. Well, seeing as how Waterloo plays 3S anyway we could just go there. Every other game is iffy.

For the most part anything Capcom should be fine. Anything else is kinda meh. Pretty much what Bill said in the Guelph thread sums it up.

You guys all need to get 2DF Online. It plays perfect 3S for people close by and with so many 3S players in the area that are spread just a little too far for regular casual, it’ll help a lot.

Josh; they’ve also got a massive ranking ladder for ST where they track every match won and lost.

Believe me Justin, as I type this I salivate over the prospect of playing ST online, even if it means playing it over shitty laggy kaillera. This 2DF thing sounds awesome, however, the reason why I’m not on it right now is the same reason I haven’t been on GGPO for months.

I don’t have a nonlag converter for my US T5 and frankly I’m tired of punching my PS2 daulshock every time I fail to counter jump ins with an SRK. I’m a stick user now, and I’m never going back to those shitty days when I have to fail 50% of my special moves.

The moment I find a good converter, I’ll forget that any other game existed except for street fighter.

What converter are you using right now? I use the Joybox 5 for my Tekken stick and NiggaMAS and it works without any problems. There are also means of fine tuning your USB ports to get the quickest response time out of them.

Even though I would like to go outside of London to play fighters, I just can’t make it out for every single casual… is just not financially feasible for me at the moment. I’ll give the 2DF program a go, but in all seriousness I rather struggle here and find people who are willing to play than playing in front of a computer. Josh, try this converter: gocybershop is located in Waterloo so your purchase should arrive on the same day or the next day at the most. I bought my ps2 to pc adapter from them… actually I thought I bought the one advertised on the website specifically (the super dual box one), but instead I got the PS2 to PC power box double dragon. Either one works fine… no lag at all as far as I can tell.

EDIT: Converter lag also depends on the type of PCB you have, your stick has a different PCB than mine so you should probably stick with the advise Nagata gave you since he apparently also has a Tekken stick.

Fun times yesterday man, but I agree…paying 15 bucks for 3 hours of gameplay isn’t terribly fun. Now if we were to get a good group of 6-8 people or so, 2 bucks per person doesn’t sound that bad after all.

Anyways, once I fully move into Guelph, I should hopefully have more leverage…if anyone is willing to make the drive up to Guelph, we can always use my pad to play no problem.

EDIT: Hamilton isn’t that far away from Guelph…maximum 30 mins or so…so anyone from Hamilton would be fair game too.