London, Ontario October thread


I heard some other city wanted to challenge us??


You heard right. It’ll be a pleasure to kick your ass on our old CvS2 machine. :evil:

All jokes aside, it’d be fun to see what the London SF scene is like. If you guys can co-ordinate I’m sure there’d be a few folks from Team BCC willing to make the drive up to London.


Why don’t u guys face the champion CvsS2 team? The DT team. we beat the TOSF team in the last 5 on 5. Brampton should challenge DT!


What exactly does DT consist of nowadays? I haven’t seen anyone like Kam or Luu in months. From what I understand the heavy hitters for CvS2 like Eric, Roger and Ian are considered TOSF so at least we wouldn’t have to worry about them.


Thank god for once our threads aren’t deleted.

Justin, we welcome you to London to have our London vs. Brampton. If you guys are interested, you can stay the weekend, I can provide housing for a few of you, and you can see the true power of London during the weekend.

I’m thinking 5 on 5 in 3S, CVS, CVS2, and MVC2. What do you say?


its on!

although I don’t think we have five Marvel 2 players . . . or CvS 1 for that matter . . .

but I’ll be happy to give Nassim a rematch in CvS 2

there is a Sigma Chi chapter at Western right?


Geese; I’ll talk to Jason, Byron and Steve about making the trip (Pete already seems to be in). 5 on 5 (it’ll probably be 4 on 4 to be honest with you) works just fine for me. I’ll be up front in saying that Jason is the only one of Team BCC that plays MvC2 on anything even resembling a regular basis though so I’d probably rule that out. The other three games are perfectly acceptable for competition though.

I appreciate the offer for housing. We’ll iron out details later on when we have a rock solid date though. London is only 2 and 1/2 hours away so the possibility of heading home isn’t ruled out though I wouldn’t mind hitting a bar or something after playing.


Hey 4 on 4 sounds fine. Btw, yeah itwould be cool if u guys stay…getting wasted and playing SF sounds good to me.


erm…just so everyone is clear on this, the CvS2 sticks are absolute garbage.

Also, I highly doubt any kind of 5v5 tourney will work as I can’t really think of 5 reliable London players.

In any case, I have a pretty wacky schedule next month and won’t be availabe the weekend of the 8th, or the 15th. At any other time, I’ll be happy to host the Brampton players and take you guys out to the bars or what not. I pretty much already discussed this with Justin.

Again, I will host the tournament if I’m free and I’m in town, but I make NO GUARANTEES as to the turnout. London players have a really bad habit of pussying out of tournies, so don’t blame me if you come from out of town and only 4 locals show up.

With that being said, I will discuss with Justin on a date that is mutually convenient.


Just to clarify, London players don’t “pussy” out of anything. They don’t come because they don’t wanna waste their money (since they know who’s gonna win), and because after our first “successful” London tournament where the Toronto ppl came, ppl have been disappointed by a lack of turnout. But, if we make this thing official, and the Brampton ppl can gaurantee taht they will come, I cant think of at least a few players that will show up: me, corry, vick, u (u are organizing if it’s gonna happen, right?), taylor, john, george, etc.

As for the sticks, the sticks in CVS2 work just fine. You guys just complain too much. I purposely switched sides last night after u left and ppl were bitching about the right side not working (i remember u saying 3 buttons didn’t work?). Guess what? I won twice and I left after. The controls were fine. I could do supers, tigeruppercuts, everything.

Anyway, as for teh London teams, here’s what I’m thinking:








Sepehr (does he still live in London?)


not showing up because you think u are gonna lose is pussying out


no it’s intelligence. some of these guys are poor, and they don’t care about SF that much. to them, wasting 5-10 bucks on a tournament they know they will lose is the smart choice…it has nothing to do with being a pussy.


While “pussy” may not be the appropriate term, I don’t think the rationale you gave is very sound. The vast majority of players go into a tournament knowing they’re not going to win. When I enter an ORBIT or METRO tournament, I know that despite whatever skills and no matter how hard I practice, I’m going to run into the roadblock that is Roger/Eric and to a lesser extent Ian/Ken. It’s about winning but it’s also about having fun. If you know you can’t win, at least play to see how well you could do. If you’re on a budget that’s one thing but not entering because you can’t win money is a poor reason in my opinion.


nope, they are scared to try and get better. they pussy out and they area cheap.


i’ll sum it up nicely so u can see why most of the guys dont come:

  1. they dont care about SF much
  2. they are pretty poor
  3. they know our attempts at local tourneys suck

But, and here’s the big BUT…I can gaurantee they will come IF you guys can gaurantee you can come. It would be pretty awesome if you guys came and we did this London vs. Brampton. Anything involving SF and rivalry is cool with me.

So, what is a good time for you guys to come? Who are your top4 players who would compete in this tournament? I say we do this shit in mid November weekend…how does that sound?


O.K…so this is going to happen then? I’ll be at Wiz this friday at about 2-3 to “practice” who else will be there?


Ok, half the people you named don’t play anymore. Taylor and John are not going to show up. And who the hell is Vick? Is that the Chun-Li scrub? :lol:

The only London players besides you and me that seem genuinely interested in a tournament are Corry and Will. Everyone else is unreliable. Don’t give me your fucking bullshit that “oh, 28 ppl AT LEAST are gonna show! London Rules!!11111one”

And yes, the CvS2 controls are shit. If I can’t do Iori’s b&b and get hit by random supers from across the screen, the stick doesn’t work. The medium kick sticks for crying out loud. It’s totally unacceptable for tournament play.

So again, for the Brampton players, you’ve been warned. Don’t believe Geese’s “guarantees”. Be prepared for the eventuality that 4 locals will show up, and that the sticks will be absolute shit.


As I said before, joysticks were fine. I played on left side after u left, I won twice, and left. Ask George he witnessed it. Same with Columbia. The joystick worked and I proved it. I dunno what u guys were bitching about. But ALL the buttons worked. I could do uppercut motions, supers, QCF’s, everything!

As for hating on London, dont be so damn pessimistic. Try to be positive, and this tournament will work out. It’s kinda retarded how u feel the need to call every London player a scrub, or saying our tournament’s will be shit, or blah blah blah. If ur gonna help, dont act like this. If u truly think were so pathetic, then dont be a part of this tournament, its SIMPLE. U hate me or us or whatever, dont fucking participate.

As for the players, Vick is the brown guy who uses Ken. I’ll tell him about SRK…in fact i think he has an account already here. I’ll tell him to start posting. That Chun Li “scrub” (such an arrogant and retarded SF term) can also join for our practice sessions. Thats one of the reasons communities dont grow…because the top players make fun of others when in fact they were once just like them.

Justin, as I said, I can house u guys if u come, and it’ll be fun to play u guys a lot during the weekend. I can GAURANTEE that we will have 4 ppl for each game for our little showdown.


Figure I’d better address a few things:

What is it with people bickering within their own team/town? Team BCC gets along really well (OK Pete thinks Byron is a pedophile but whatever) and try to help each other rather than cut each other off at the knees. Anyway…

Odds are that we’ll be coming up for the weekend of November 22 - 23. I think that allows for Nassim to cover all of his meetings/conventions. There’s no possible way I can make 14 - 15 and I have friends coming up from Florida that weekend and my time will be spent with them.

Concerning the sticks. I suggest you drop an email to That addy will get you in touch with Jay Janda at NWS Games Head Office (they’re the distributor for the cabinets you have in your arcade). Lay out the EXACT problems people are having with your cabinets and your suggestions for repairing them. Make sure you note that they’ve done diagnostic tests before and despite the tests coming out OK, you know that there are problems. Jay is a very helpful guy and did wonders for BCC including fixing our machines, helping us get Event Mode for tournaments and acquiring cabinets (such as 3rd Strike). Make sure to let him know I referred you and that your trying to strengthen your SF community and draw in more players (it’s all about money in the end).

Make a note; the big reason Team BCC would be coming up is to have fun. It’ll be great to play SF with the London guys but we also realize Western a mad fun University and we can just have a great time on top of playing games. No need to fight.


oh ok, I know who Vick is. He was at T4, but he didn’t enter any tournaments.

As for my pessimism, I’m simply being realistic. All the London tournies have been shitty in the past. I have no reason at all to believe that this one will be any different.