London Thread 2017


yo ryan do you still play p4a? that game was fun.

and why does guile has no eyebrows?



I haven’t been, but when I get some time (maybe never) I want to actually learn Aigis.



Mihai coming out this Thursday? Are we getting our side bets on?



Hey, I’m a London native that plays UMVC3–I’m not great though (yet). If you guys have casuals or something, I might be able to make it out, depending on the scheduling. Where can I find out more about this scene?



Hey ya! We really should edit the first post to post general info about London SF. The only reason we have an SRK is to get random London players out.

We play formal casuals once a week on Thursdays on some place near Huron/Adelaide. We occasionally meet up for another session throughout the week. We have players who play everything at just about every level, but I’d say UMVC3 and SF4 are our most popular games. We have old-school players who love Super Turbo, 3s and MVC2, and we have quirky-game players like Smash and random anime games. You name it we’ll play it.
If you’re interested we can organize a way to get you a ride to casuals for Thursday. We generally have enough systems for everyone, but if you can bring your own controller that would be perfect, though we definitely will have some for you.

Here’s our facebook page where we generally organize things. (Not every member of the scene is on SRK)

Here’s the last UMVC3 session we had. These are generally our top 4 players, but like I said we have players at all skill levels especially for UMVC3 cause everyone can play that game =P. We just started recording + posting videos so you’ve come at perfect time!



Hey everyone this ( is the next event GOES ( will be at … come on out for a good time an another chance to win a set of tickets for Anime North 2013



I’ve only been able to come out to one night at the University … unfortunately I work Thursday nights till 9 or 10



Alright this is great news. Unfortunately, I am only in London on weekends (+Friday) to visit the gf as I go to school in Guelph. If you guys ever have a weekend event I will see if I can make it out to get my ass kicked haha!



Are any of you guys going to Toryuken? If you need another person to room to bring down the price of the hotel room I’m game.



So I’ve noticed a player called corryzink appearing on ggpo the past month, and I realized it was THE London Corry.

Finally managed to catch him at his keyboard today and played a few matches with him.

Just out of curiosity, how many of you besides Corry are willing to play ST on ggpo regularly?

As a rule online is ass and is no substitute for offline. However London is far and we lack an Arcade board, making ggpo far more practical in the long term.

I’m usually on skype, my account should be tied to my e-mail which is if your down.

I know that Chris and Mihai are gonna be the most likely participants, however if your on the fence thinking your gonna get stomped don’t be shy.

Fucking France has had a billion people on ggpo playing ST over the past few months. Most of them are shitty. Point is, they are stepping up their game. I would love to see like 6 Canadian flags in the ggpo lobby at the same time. If I could get the rest of the GTA guys on board, we could make that happen.



I am always down to play but am having trouble practicing due to school. But I am always up for games when I get my stick working again.



Your in school again? What are you taking?

I wish I still had the patience to study, otherwise I’d go to school for something again.



I’m doing my PhD now in history. I have to read nearly 200 books over the summer for my upcoming comprehensive exams in November, so I won’t be having the most fun of summers lol.

School is nice and all and I enjoy being back, but I’m not good at anything else so I keep trucking I guess haha. We will definitely have to get some games in though this summer if you find time to come down or we find time to come there. Are you guys still playing in TO? I know I owe Brett some games that I got for him in Japan so as soon as we meet up I will have to get them to him.



History eh, interesting.

What area of history?

The point of this idea is that I would like to see more east coast players especially ON players on ggpo more frequently so we have access to low ping matches as often as possible. As it stands all the players currently playing have 110+ ping which blows.



Hello London players. I was wondering if anyone from your area who may not be attending Touryuken might be interested in attending a Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 tournament at the university of Windsor on may 4th. Time is TBD as of yet. Also this is not an OFFICIAL tournament of the Lan Of The Dead 3 the T.O’s are allowing me to run this tournament on the side so because of this the venue fee is free.

Entry into the tournament is 10$ and 100% of the money will be going back to the players 70% for 1st 20% for 2nd and 10% for 3rd respectively. T.O may supply additional prizes if extra are available.

There is only a small contingent of Windsor UMVC3 players around 10-12 who play so we the players are reaching out to the Michigan and London areas to come be a part of this. Considering the venue is just off of the bridge I am hoping some of you may be interested.

So please anyone who is interested please join the group and hit the event page and confirm if you can attend, Thanks.

There are also other tournaments being ran there so if you happen to be interested in going to them, feel free to attend for those games as well.

Here is the link to the actual tournament page just incase you might be interested in playing another game the tournament is offering



I am also in contact with some michigan players and the michigan area to have some of them come down as well.



Finally updated the srk page. Sorry Joe that it took so long.



Oh wow. There’s a London Scene, who would’ve thought… I’ll join you guys one day.



Sure man, you are welcome anytime. Just message when you feel it is time haha.



Hey are there still meet ups at King’s on Thursdays ?