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Hello to everybody on Shoryuken.

I have recently joined this forum, I have been playing fighting games for quite a few years now with my laptop + stick, hooked up to my telle. I used to live in hong kong as i was born there and went to the arcades alot back then. I havnt really bothered to look for arcades in and around london. I have been to the trocodero a few times and noticed an arcade in china town/leicster square but havnt been In. The trocadero seems a little limited for fighters. Could any of you kind people list me some of the arcades that are tailored for fighting genre games? Thats if there is any of course. I have tried using the search, it didnt really bring up alot of detailed info for this topic, however it might me my bad searching. I have been thinking for a while now about trying to get myself into some tournaments to see how good I really am.


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Casino arcade in Goodge Street (next to Goodge Street Station, Northern Line), a few mins from Tottenham Court Road in central London.

Games - Vampire Savior, MvC2, Alpha 2 and 3, KoF 98, KOF 2K2, Hyper SF2, CVS2, 3rd Strike. Its a bit rundown but great for fighhting game fans

Trocadero arcade in Picadilly Circus, in the shopping/cinema mall on Shaftsbury Avenue (nearest train station, Picadilly Circus). The arcade is on the first floor, same floor as the cinema.

Games - Tekken 6, 3rd Strike, SVC Chaos, Super Turbo, NeoGeo Battle Coliseum and i couple random games i forget.

These are the only arcades that matter in London:wgrin:

hey what game do you normally play in trocadero?

Cheers for the replys =]

Whenever I venture to the trocodero i normally play third strike and some various lightgun games depending on my mood. I always hope to see some good players dancing there hearts out on the rythm games. I need to check out Casino. I hope to go sometime within the next few weeks. Speaking of rythm games, the guys that where at ECTS last year where amazing.

I didn’t even know they still did the ects, where is it held these days? last time i went must have been about 2004, well when they had rumble fish 2 there, the only time i think uk heads ever got to play it, i remember winning alot and going home with a terrible headache, i think it was the same year they had shitloads of tekken5 there

how they can charge a pound a game for t6 is a joke, in fact i cannot stand they place, everything is constantly broken.
I remember the 3s machine at play2win at oxford street set to 3 or 5 rounds on the lowest damage setting

well den?

Casino arcade now has BlazBlue btw.

3S also in Angel, a sit-down machine. I think it’s 50p.

Update! went to Casino yesturday:

KOF 98 UM (broken 1p stick) and as Aion said Blaze blue. Troc has the best set up for tourneys though…

Casino at Goodge Street has fair prices and i can often be foudn there, playing Alpha 2 or marvel. Neo Empire often organise sessions so you should try that site.

Has anyone been to the Namco one near the London Eye? I went there a couple of years ago, not sure if its still open, but I remember that had Alpha 3 and Tekken 5.

it was shit and expensive last time i went a couple months back. I also don’t remember there being any fighting games.

Nobody ever mentions play to win when talking about London arcades. Did it close down or does it just suck now?

I went to Goodge Street Casino once when I visited London in 06, I played Neo Battle Coliseum (and Mushihimesama). Too bad I didn’t know that was a popular spot for fighters until after I left UK.

[/useless info]

I haven’t been to play to win in ages i think its all been turned into gambling machines now.:sad:

went to troc the weekend before last

i just saw like 4-5 people crowding round the tekken machine in this little corner, thats about as good as it gets for fighters

the dance game people make me sick, there like flies on shit in there

Its been like that for years…

i read trocadero got some arcade machines now, im checking it out today, apparently they have 2 so yeah, fight on!