Lone Star Gaming: Super SFIV tournament, FREE ENTRY! April 24th, San Antonio TX


Hey guys, I know this is last minute, but I just found out about this tournament. Get a chance to play Super Street Fighter IV before the masses next week! It’s free to enter, so you got nothing to lose. It’s not my tournament, but I’ve offered the organizer my help in running it, so there’ll be nothing to worry about.

When: April 24th, STARTS AT 1PM sharp

Where: Lonestar Gaming, 2501 Bandera (Behind the Ace Cash)

Prizes: Madcatz fightsticks for top 3

Super Street Fighter IV for Xbox 360


Double Elimination
All characters allowed
Winner stays same character, loser may change character
Best 2/3 rounds
Best 2/3 games
Finals best of 5 games

Bring your own sticks/fightpads if you wish, but there will TE sticks available to borrow for the tournament.

If you have further questions, call Chris Aguilar at 210 990 7827


Since it’s on 360 no need for me to bring my arcade stick so ill have to borrow one…also can anyone give me a ride? I live on bandera kinda by grissom…


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Wish I could attend this. Good luck to everyone participating!


damn, I need win this. I want to have my OWN stick for once.