Long Beach Meet And Beat! Saturdays: 1p-8p (SSF4, MVC2, HDR, Casuals, and Tourneys!)



Long Beach Meet And Beat! You’re invited to show your face, meet players from your neighborhood, and beyond to duke it out! All in the name of leveling up!

Next Event: To Be Determined…
Located @ Carson and Atlantic – TEXT OR PM FOR ADDRESS!

!!-- If You Can Bring Extra Setups Let Me Know! I have 3 On Hand (need to barrow one ssf4 disc) But Theyre All XB360! --!!
!!-- If You Have Extra Sticks You Wouldn’t Mind Letting Others Use Please Bring Them, There’s A Good Amount Of Stickless Players Attending At The Moment! Let Me Know If You’re Willing And Able To Help! --!!
!!-- I Need Super Discs For XB360 Hit Me Up The Day Of Event If You Wanna Bring One! --!!

About the guy running this junk:
Hey there! You probably don’t know me but I’m Luky (Lucky, Bear, Ted, Teddy, Theodore.) I want to bring another fighting game venue into Long Beach, especially for SSF4. Theres a thriving scene here thats not getting the face to face time it deserves and needs! This event in trial mode right now, if we can get this event up and running steady I’ll do my best to make this permanent! Fallow the rules, give me feedback, and help me bring yet another awesome location for players to level up in our neighborhood!


Heres the rundown of the venue:
– Located near Carson and Atlantic (PM or text me for address)
– No alcohol or drugs!
– Free admission!
– Venue will be open from 1pm to 8pm.
– This is my apartment, please be respectful! (aka: not sure? ASK!)
– Trash talking and/or cursing is allowed, but keep it INSIDE!
– I have two cats and a dog, they’re all friendly but they get sketchy with big groups and loud noises, so use caution! My house is an allergy nightmare because of this, don’t forget that inhaler.
– There are plenty of places to eat nearby so food and drink is welcome, but will not be provided! (might have bottled waters but I can’t guarantee I won’t drink them all)

Heres the rundown of the event:
– There are currently 3 XB360s set up. One with sticks.
– The Games Are Setup Is Complicated. Typically 2 SSF4 and one other fighting game. (See Below For Info)
– We Have MVC2 And HDR on hand. Possibly 3rd Strike, working that out currently.
– One machine will have sticks attached so if you don’t have a stick you have to wait your turn or barrow from nice people.
– Some tech specs: 2 oldschool CRTs, and 1 tiny LCD monitor. No lag. Ask if you want any more info!
– I want to run tournaments but I need help! PM me if you’re interested in helping me bring a tournament to this scene!

If you have suggestions, comments, or questions please let me know! Text me at (562)484-4647 or PM me for my address. Finding the right door can be tough so don’t stress out about calling me for a fetch quest.

FADC your plans and show up! See you there!!


State of The Event Adress:
I’ve decided its best for everyone if I shut down for the holidays. Ill need the extra time for family and parties and vacations that are coming up, and I’m certain a lot of others feel the same. I will start re-evaluating the session format (date time setup etc) come february, and I want to get a weekly schedule back together by march!

I will still be hosting from time to time, random casuals are the bomb sheezy. I’m going to start a new thread for it when I get the time, but I will use this thread for now now. PM me your number or text me and asked to be added to the casuals list. Even if you have texted me before I don’t save numbers unless I am specifically given them. These sessions can happen any day usually from 3-5 lasting anywhere from 2 to 8 hours, depending on numerous factors.

Thanks to everyone who attended and supported my sessions, and I hope to see you at the casual throwdowns!Laters!

TL;DR: Uhhh holidays = no more sesh, give me your number if you want invites to future random sessions.


sounds like a good thing you’re trying to get going here. Good luck. If I land the job I’m getting interviewed for in Long Beach, maybe I can make it out to these after work or something.

oh btw, I’m actually throwing a 3 v 3 Teams Tournament at Alex’s Arcade on this date, Aug 14th, that you’re planning your event. Just a heads up. (announced it a week ago)


Sounds sweet, I’ll try to make this saturday. I can also help throw a tournament if you want/need (maybe a different date so we dont clash with the other tournament already set)


hmmm i would like to get in on this since its near my pad


you already know im there


For sure! Everyone hype this up, the last event was small and it was awesome, the bigger the better! I’ve got a pretty good sized place, just not very many chairs, I’m working on getting more though.

As far as this event goes I’m trying to find a specific day, I thought thursday was good for avoiding event clashes like the one we already have here, but nobody could really make it. Even the people who showed up said thursday sucked. Even though I knew this was going to happen I feel like I’ll still get a better turnout than if I just kept it on thursdays.

SO, for now I’m not moving the event. If the people demand it after a few weeks I promise I’ll listen!

Willy: If you want to help me do a tourney PM me and I’ll have you come over early and we’ll work out the details before the event! (thanks for the offer!)

I’m honestly more focused on casuals than the tourney scene but tourneys draw heads, and heads breed casuals. It’s the circle of life!


good luck!! I think if you did do it on weekdays it’d have to be like later times so more ppl can show up and stay later… like 5pm-11pm type stuff is what I would recommend. One of the reasons why we always had like 25+ ppl show up to Fed Ex Fight Nights before was because we went like… 9PM-5AM or later… those used to be crazy nights. haha. I’m sure you’re gonna get people to show up on weekends though as long as there isn’t a big tournament on that day or something.


im interested~ i think the 3v3 is next saturday, but i’d like to come out in the near future if that’s cool


The only reason I can’t run it all night is because of my neighbors and my small complex. They complained about the noise of me and my girl watching television late at night. So even though I’d prefer a late night session I’m stuck with midday.


ooo warahk is gonna come out? fuck yeah i need guile practice


Last Thursday had some real good competition, hopefully more people will come out now so we can level up! I had a blast learning some new stuff last week.


Im down for anything during the week , like tomorrow.


I should be able to make it tomorrow, I’m definitely planning to come unless something happens


I’ll be thar !


Awesome! It’s gonna be a thin turnout this time I think! I’m still super stoked, I can’t wait! Some people I’d hoped would show are going to be out of town so if we get more than 5 players I’ll be surprised. I’m gonna send some texts out early tomorrow to try and get some last minute players though.


Alright guys, thanks for showing up last week but I need more people! Not to be pushy but I’m sick of my girlfriend giving me crap about “you made our living room an arcade and only X number of people show up!” rolls eyes. HAHA Just kidding (mostly) But for sure next week will be more solid as we had a couple, dare I call them, ‘regulars’ who were out of town and couldn’t make it. So we just need to add to that headcount a bit and you can save me the ‘I can’t believe I let you tear apart my living room’ speech! Let me know if you’re gonna make it and I’ll see you there!


if i dont go to rock the bells ill be there to whoop on yall some more with my rose


Gonna buy Street fighter Anniversary Collection for xbox so we can play 3s. :slight_smile:


i already have it i just keep forgeting to bring it!