Long Beach Super Street fighter players?

Wheres the 562 sessions goin down? lets get soemthin poppin

At Regency Arcade, every Friday, a player there brings his console and they have a SSF4 session. I never been but I went to Regency today and talked to the player and that’s what he told me. Every Friday. Don’t know what time though. Hope this helps.

Too much stuff goes down on fridays… all the good players go to like LA county on fridays… but if something legit in LB starts going down on days besides wed,thur,fri, I will definitely be down to go and bring as many people as I can with me.

Where exactly is Regency arcade?

Friday Night Beatdown in Pico Rivera (562))


they aren’t exactly welcoming in pico though. I tried to get games in there and posted up, but never got a response. At Regency, you’ll be a homie from day one.

Yup Regency rules!!! Too bad they never had an SF4 machine. If any place needed an SF4 machine it’s Regency. Hopefully it will get a SSF4 machine. That place should sell they’re extra Marvels that never get played (Dont know which ones) and buy a SSF4 machine when it comes out. Or don’t sell anything and just buy one lol. It’s a long shot but if Regency had SSF4 the machine that would be f-ing great!!! It already has the dedicated players for fighting games.

hey all

we’re going to try to host a SSFIV tourney every month at CSULB. Next one is on May 22nd. So I hope us 562 can all make it


Hey all,

I pretty much just moved to long beach and definitely would be up to get some casuals in, sometime during the week. maybe next tuesday throwdown?

I live in Long Beach near the traffic circle off PCH. I always end up having to travel to OC to find players.

you live like right beside me :smokin:

I am down for this :bgrin:

<<< long beach here…

uh if ultracarl lives in long beach wtf were you doing in riverside?

downey, someone play with me

i don’t think I was ever in Riverside :wtf:

i live a block from shoo.

play with me instead. no homo


Then that means you both live right next to me. =)

The CSULB thing sounds fun. I graduated from there - can non-students come by and play?

let’s have a party in the traffic circle. Steal power from one of the light poles :smiley:

pretty sure that tournament is open for everyone… well hope so anyway

Yoh im in Logn beach near the traffic circle… hit me up on aim d0sd0sd0s lets get somethin goin!

loggin beach