Long Beach Thursday Night Casuals (SSF4, HDR, MVC2) @ Carson and Atlantic! (BYOS!)

This event does not exist see THIS THREAD for the new event that’s taking its place.

Due to a general consensus from last week’s attendees (and posters in this thread) I’m closing this event and moving it to Saturdays, as well as making a few adjustments. Head to the link above and get in on the new Long Beach Meet And Beat! Thanks for your input everyone, your feedback makes a difference. The event is for YOU so YOUR feedback is critical to our success! See you Saturday!

Long Beach Thursday Casuals! (SSF4, HDR, MVC2) @ Carson and Atlantic! (BRING YOUR OWN STICK)

Next Event: Never!

Hey there! You probably don’t know me but I’m Luky (Lucky, Bear, Ted, Teddy, Theodore). I’ve gone to a couple recent tourneys and I used to frequent AI and Video 94 (mostly keeping to my scrubby self.) But I’d like that to change! I noticed theres a pretty strong Long Beach scene, and there are plenty of players floating around to the distant arcades just like I was! I want to make an attempt at bringing you an event a little closer to home. I’m hosting a new weekly event in Long Beach for a month or two as a trial run. I’d like to make it a permanent event but this kind of thing is new to me so I don’t want to give anyone false hopes. Fallow the rules, give me feedback, and help me bring yet another fun place for players to level up in our area!

Heres the rundown of the venue-
– Located near Carson and Atlantic (PM or text me for address)
– No alcohol or drugs!
– Free admission!
– Venue will be open from 1pm to 9pm. That means last call for games is 9pm, everyone out by 10pm. (I’ve got elderly neighbors who could easily have me evicted, life sucks -_-:wink:
– This is my apartment, please be respectful!
– I could care less about trash talking or cursing but keep it INSIDE! Don’t go blasting F-Bombs while you’re outside the venue, theres small children living here so use the kid gloves until you get back inside!
– I have two cats and a dog, they’re all friendly but not THAT friendly. Don’t mess with them they won’t mess with you! My house is an allergy nightmare because of this so don’t forget that inhaler.
– Theres a lot of places to eat nearby so food and drink is welcome, but will not be provided! (might have bottled waters for 1$ if demand is high)

Heres the rundown of the event-
– There are four xb360s Three Super Street Fighter and one for HDR and MVC2 (winner choses game, so ask nice!)
– There are only 3 sticks available for players to use (soon four getting new parts for one) so this is a Bring Your Own Stick event!
– Two setups are on HDTV’s, one setup is a CRT Television the other is an LCD Monitor. The LCD, CRT, and one of the HDTV’s are lag free. The other HDTV hasn’t been tested. (will test soon!)
– There is no Tournament play planned for these events. I haven’t the slightest idea how to run them, and I’m unsure about time restrictions, so for now these will be casual only!

Alright so that just about hits everything I can think of. If you have suggestions, comments, or questions please let me know! I will update this post as necessary with any further information I can provide. Text me at (562)484-4647 or PM here for my address. Feel free to text again when you arrive as well since its kind of hard to find the right door. Hope to see you there!

count me in definately yes.

count me in too

dope dope

Can’t wait to beat your ass ted without online lag once I get back to socal.
I hope oaky doesn’t have fleas anymore

I have a 350 I couldn’t afford the fuil 360 and a te stick and marvel and ssf4 considering there’s internet. I can’t marvel to work without being plugged into the internet for some reason.

Also, I live in paramount. is theodore jason’s cousin? I think I know that guy…kinda.

coo I’ll go just because of marvel. Wish you had some 3s :frowning:

For sure dude, me too. They’re releasing it for Xbox360 though so I’ll be downloading it day and date. (unless its already out then I’m an idiot)

Haha nope, no fleas in sight! I’m curious as to how long you spent pondering the spelling of ‘Okie’ before you posted. My guess? Less than a second.

@Dander-- Oddly enough I have a cousin named Jason… he lives in NY though closer to Vermont… probably not the same guy?

Cool to see people getting stoked up, tomorrow is completely dedicated to setting up for thursday. I’m going to set up two ssf4 units for now, I can add a third on the fly during the event if its necessary. Then the third machine is shared for HDR and MVC2. I gotta get my chops up in those two, I’m casual (read: free) at best.

Nah 3sO wont be released this year =/ . Last option is Street Fighter Anniversary collection.

Hours are from 1pm to 9pm right? might go early like 2 or 3, whats the address?

i was supposed to got out with my girl this night… but she got cancelled YESS ill be there early

PM me or text me with the info in the OP and I’ll get you the address.

It sounds like a lot of fun, sadly 1-9 just isn’t a good time on weekdays. It’s hardly thursday night starting at 1 PM : P

Seeing as Im not home from work until 7, it gives me at least a few hours I suppose if I can make it out one night

hah thats true willy… maybe he shuold just put thursday

Haha too true guys. Ill change it up. Wish I could go later and the rest of my week is already stacked, I might do some saturday or sunday events depending on how things go.

Woot be there in like 30min.

yo man text me your adress. ill be there in an hour or two.

GG’s Gents. :china:

ggs guys! hopefully more people will arrive next time. but its all good. it was pretty tight. 8)

ggs everyone! Everything was awesome. I’ll change the time format to 1pm-8pm for next time since I was too tired to keep playing after that. I might be able to move the day to saturday or sunday if anyone is interested. Give me all the feedback you can and I’ll try my best to tweak things to be better!

ill be back at the house and play some more to