Long-Haired Sagat?

I was browsing on the net collecting information about Sagat when I read in wikipedia on Sagat’s Appearance description this: “He is depicted as being totally bald, except in one official artwork that shows him with a full head of long hair.”

So immediately after reading it I started trying to find the official artwork image that shows Sagat being long-haired, but I didn’t have any luck finding it…

Has anyone seen such image? If so, do you have the picture and are able to post it?

Thanks in Advance,

Right here:


Enjoy… dood.

Wow… WTF

i think that appearance is more fitting for his sf2 voice


I believe that’s Dan’s father in his hand there. Much younger, no scar, loing hair…very intreasting take on Sagat.

old…very old. grandpa simpson +10 years old.

Wow, that is very nice, and totally different from what I expected too!
Hey YD120%, do you have any informations about this artwork? Things like which year it went out, where, what did they say about this time of Sagat?
Thanks a lot dude, very nice ^^

knock yo’self out: