Long Island GameCrazy presents it's first fighting game league "Fighter's Spirit '07"

Selden GameCrazy is bringing to you, Fighters Spirit '07

Face off against the fiercest competition Long Island has to offer in your favorite games! That’s right, YOU get to choose what we play.

Grand Prize: Sony Playstation 3
Prizes also will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place runnerups, as well as individual winners each week!

Only $10 to enter.
and $2 rolling fee each week!

Space is limited, so sign up today!

Tournement starts the 1st week of June. Any questions/comments, you can reach them at.

Selden GameCrazy
291 Middle Country road
Selden, NY 11784

You didn’t post any info about games being played, or rules, could you please do that? Obviously I’m interested in getting the PS3 and I would like to know games being played, stipulations etc. Thank you.

address would be nice too…not everyone knows where this game crazy in selden is

Sabin- Thats the best part, they’ve taken 30 of the greatest fighting games,
MvC2, CvS2, Alpha3, Thrid Strike, SSB:melee,Ehrgiez,Power Stone, Guilty Gear series, KoF series, Marvel Super Heroes,Street Fighter 2 turbo, Fight Night 3, just to name a few.

you pick your top 5, and the top 10 overall will be played every saturday over a 10 week period.

Rules? What rules? pick your guys and fight it out.

SF3LP- contact information was left at the bottom of my origional post, but ill post it again.

Selden GameCrazy
291 Middle Country Road
Selden, NY 11784

EVERYTHING is fine except for that rules part…you got to establish rules or else ppl will be bringin some stupid stuff like glitches, scret characters…which literally should NOT be in any tournaments due to priority so if this is the first tournament that place is making you would need some fair rules if you want a lot of ppl to go or else all hell would break loose

ya dude u can contact me im a tournament organizer for some big events I can give u some advice…if anything just go off of evo rules…or just uses these

2/3 double elimination
No glitches or God characters

I think thats the basics but some games have specific things so we suggest u look it up.

This still makes no sense. What, I pick anybody I want to play against? So I pick 5 3 year olds that have never touched a game before? Fiercest competition? Who? What?

It’s good to be alive. I’m going to call my mom on Sunday and thank her for bringing me into this wonderful world!

Alex- thank you for the advice, as the tournement grows closer. ill definetily be hitting you up :tup:

Big Bad- well the bracket system that we always use is completly random, you get to choose the games not the opponents.

We wont announce all 10 games at start up, well announce the 1st weeks game then after that ends well annouce the 2nd weeks game. so on and so on.

So i think it’ll be fair to announce various rules with the announcement of the next game. what you guys think?


its not worth it for me to travel if i dont knwo the gamse, and plus i was expecting it to be a mix of 2d/3d fighters represented by the community. Plus I like in Jackson Heights so its not like I can get out of there so easily every week. Good luck though.