Long Island/Manhattan


So to the people of Long Island…or New York in general. Theres a place in Mineola(LI Nassau) called Game Table willing to host a SF4 tournament. I know nows a bad time with EVO a week away, but it seems like a pretty good idea for the future. Im not friends with anyone in the street fighter community around here, i just kinda got into everything. But if anyone lives around or on Long Island lemme know if you want any further detail about the place. I only mention Manhattan only cause Mineola is like 30 minutes away drive from Manhattan and a 45minutes to 1hour train ride.


Place looks nice, I just looked it up online. I’d be down. Not the greatest player, but would love to link up with people around here and hone my skills.


Yea man, sounds great. I’ll have to check this joint out. If you need any help running the tournaments let me know ok?


this place is like 10 min away from me so ill be there


Yea dude? ill hold you to it, im new at this tournament organizing so help would be much appreciated. I’m going to wait till after EVO to really start things up. I’ll keep in contact with you though cause i know your a big organizer for New York.


I’d probably go to show support. Just gotta see if I’m working.


Yea don’t worry about it now, nothing is official yet. Once everything is organized I’ll have new threads about other details.


Whatever you need to know, I’ll tell you haha. Get at me with a PM and I’ll give you my phone number.


I don’t know why but, i don’t think my PMs are going through. Send me a message on AIM next time your online.