Long Island, NY - July 1st 2007: Day Of Prophecy Results

The event was huge success. Over 40 people showed up to play various games. Thanks a bunch everyone. :bgrin:

We look forward to doing this again on July 28.

I don’t have the full results on me. Can people who were there please remind me of who placed in what?

Also, please post links to any pics/vids taken.Street Fighter III: Third Strike[indent]1st: Joe
2nd: Darren
3rd: RyanSoul Calibur 3 (only 2 people played)Winner: Cla
Opponent: Jon (Gain)Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core1st: Joe
2nd: Ben
3rd: CJayVirtua Fighter 5 (only 2 people played)Winner: Cla
Oppenent: WilsonMelty Blood: Act Cadenza1st: Joe
2nd: Rich
3rd:Super Smash Bros. Melee1st: Eli
3rd:Tekken: Dark Resurrection1st: Joe
2nd: Will
3rd:Dance Dance Revolution Extreme1st: John Baka
2nd: Dom
3rd: Max Hacker[/indent]

I feel like I’m forgetting some games too. :sweat:

Lemme thing. I think for Guilty Gear we had Ben for Second. Third would be CJay I believe?

I’m crying in 4th/5th place with whoever Ben beat earlier. :frowning:

Ryan was 3rd in 3s iirc and Rich was 2nd in MB…

Whoever the hell Joe is, I’m going to cream him in MB if I get to one of these damn it.

i’ll try to convince him to come to the next web2zone event… he’s very good, but MB isn’t his main game…

We’ll see, we’ll see.


yea bring him to w2z he can play me 1st round in 3s I want to see what all the hype is about

I placed 3rd in MB (out of a whopping 4 man tourn). Why is there no hype over me??? :rofl:

He’s goes to CF from time to time, at least he used to. He’s pretty good in 3s so don’t sleep!!

^ I saw him at CF 2 Saturdays ago.

whoooooooooah spacemarine kicks ass!!! your are numba 3…master chibi where is your avatar from? its awesome

Winners from DDR were

  1. John Baka
  2. Dom
  3. Max Hacker (yes, that’s his real name, swear to God)

I ran 3s, and I have to say thanks to everyone for coming out, I hope that next time we get an even bigger turnout. Please check my YouTube account for 3s videos. If you played someone from the FYE crew (Me, Joe, Charlie, Will/Wilmur, Darren, Ryan, Nick) then you should be up there. Thanks again guys!


Why didn’t you guys play Marvel?

Was Dennis to lazy to commute from Queens?

MvC2 (arcade machine too) was part of the event. Not enough people signed-up to run a tourney.


When is the next MvC2 tourney?

I’m over in Islandia (it’s close to Happauge and Smithtown), and I’d be interested in playing.