Long Island, NY - July 28th 2007: "I Will Dead You Now!" Results

The event was nice. Over 30 people showed up to play various games. Thanks a bunch everyone. :bgrin:

We look forward to doing this again in about a month.

I don’t have the full results on me. Can people who were there please remind me of who placed in what?

Also, please post links to any pics/vids taken.Street Fighter III: Third Strike[indent]1st: Joe
2nd: Darren
3rd: LexGuilty Gear XX: Accent Core1st: Joe
2nd: Mike (KayinNasaki)
3rd: ChristianMelty Blood: Act Cadenza1st: Lord Knight
2nd: Zaelar
3rd: Master ChibiCapcom Vs SNK 21st:
3rd:Super Smash Bros. Melee1st: Wes
3rd:Tekken: Dark Resurrection (day tourney)1st: Spero Gin
3rd:Tekken: Dark Resurrection (night tourney)1st: Joe
2nd: Russ

Hey guys, John here. I ran the 3rd Strike tournament. As always it went very well. If you’d like to see the complete brackets, simply click HERE. Thanks to everyone who came out, hope to see you next time!

For more Long Island 3rd Strike info, visit the site!!! www.li3s.01014.org