Long Island, NY Players

I just moved to Manorville on Long Island from Phoenix AZ and I’m looking for a place to meet some new players out here. Are there any of you out there? Is there an arcade(s) that I can go around here to get a feel for the scene?

jebus that’s pretty deep LI. there’s a decent scene(might have to drive a bit) no more arcades though. Also there’s already 2 other official LI

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I think we should start with an online group, then see if we can get people to meet up somewhere~

Yo, Real talk. I’m out in Roslyn Heights soon to be Westbury. I NEED a meet up.

sup man im in manorville. closest arcade is way far out west. Theirs some good players i used to meet up with out further out west also, dunno if theyre still having sessions i havnt had much time to play.

You cats are out far…damn. Lol.

yeah tell me about it takes me over an hour to get to the city

Damn. Can anyone host?

Every sunday night there are session in bayshore Play and trade off the sunrise they are trying to get sessions other nights try posting in the strong island thread

Bayshore play and trade? Let me see…::leaves::

::returns:: Yo…What is it? You guys too far to go to brooklyn or something? Everyone is so damn far out on the island! lol.

where you at?

If you live in brooklyn post in the brooklyn thread there are a lot of players out there and like 90% of tournies are held at gamepad in brookyln

It sounds like there is going to be some travel involved in getting to any sort of competing out here. :confused:
Maybe we should all plan to make a trip out to this arcade this Morrigan poster is talking about in the next week or so?

if you want to start going to casuals it would be cool if we could car pool. i live in manorville also as i said before.

If I could, I’d be down for it. It seems like I’m the most west person out here. Once i get my ride I’ll have room for 3 more people comfortably. I should have a ride within the next 2-3 weeks.

i live in wyandanch i need some ppl to help me get better

Ah, i got cousins in Wyndanch, Xbox player also…go figure.

thats cool let meknow if u wanna play casuals ever

Looking to play some casuals on LI. Somebody PM me.
I’m also willing to car pool and take trips down to Brooklyn to play casuals and tournaments.

I know the area very well cause I used to live there. Now that I live on LI i’m trying to find a spot to play in person.

What part of long Island moons?