Long Island, NY SFV


where on long island?



I’m in eastern Suffolk. Hampton Bays to be exact.




Long Island is where the rich people live, not fighting game players.


Right…there are no poor people on LI. There’s no crime either. It’s just 7.5 million rich people who all get along and none of the 7.5 million play fighting games.


Scrubby as hell in Shirley


Hey I live near Shirley. Any arcade cabinets nearby?


Lol there used to be a lot of us a while back. We played 3s, cvs2, mvc2, and SF2…this back when stony brook still had the arcade and shortly after it closed. Does Nathan’s still have their cabs? At one point they had cvs2, 3s and mvc2. Jillans (Dave n busters) also had T5 and cvs2…not sure if it’s there anymore.


@caliagent#3 I’ve googled it a million times and I’ve asked on many forums. As far as I know, the only thing on Long Island is Brooklyn or Manhattan (which is about a 5 hour round trip drive for me).

EDIT - The Arena in West Babylon is pretty the only place in Suffolk County.


the arena in west bab thursday 6-12, there was 20-30 on sfv. They want to do it on Tuesday nights as well.


yea arena at west Babylon. I’ve only been once a couple years ago maybe for sf4; solid group.


Yup, thanks guys. I finally found that place. Was there the past 2 Thursday’s.


Any word on if The Arena is holding Tuesday tournaments/gatherings? Thursday is bad for me. Also, if anyone is looking to meet up there monday or wednesday mornings to run sets (assuming they have SFV setups for public use) Im usually free.


I’ll check when I go there tomorrow. I don’t know if mornings will work, I think they always open at 5pm.


I can’t find a lot of info about the Arena. Is it pretty much casual matches Thursday nights? What’s the range of skill levels? I just hit silver (2000lp) online. I don’t mind playing people better than me, but at the same time I don’t want to get bodied the whole night.


Alright, thanks Greenwood.


@brandwun The skill level is God Awful (mainly me) to Top Tier Players. So far it’s only Thursday night 6-12 but they may add Tuesday. I think they have 1 or 2 set ups so most people brought their own ps4. Some even brought their own TV.


Hello…Yes We play at place called “The Arena” the address is 983 East Neck Rd. West Babylon, N.Y. We play every Tuesdays & Thursday from 5pm-11pm (or later). Some of best li players like LI Joe, Moons & more.


So the Arena is the only place in Suffolk/Nassau? Thats a little far. Do they have a fee for casual play? I’m a little broke so going to Next Level to play casuals seems a bit expensive and the skill there is probably way above me.


@Basedx It’s the only place I’ve heard of in Suffolk/Nassau. It’s pretty far for me too, that’s why I’ve only been twice. I was hoping there was something more eastern, but that’s probably never going to happen. $5 to play.