Long Island SF IV March 19 Bayshore NY



Manager is sick or something


y are ny tournys doin sf4 on xbox not everyone has sticks or pads for em. another tourny i have to miss ><


I hate the idea of it too since its so hard to get a 360 stick and don’t want to pay over 200 for a hrap ex but peopl don’t mind sharing or at least I don’t think they do from what I have seen


well unless someone got a ss pad converter for a xbox i cant go bc i play on ss pad lol


I will be coming out to this tourney. If anyone would like to volunteer to pick me up from the bayshore station, I’d be more than grateful. Last time Elijah had a friend take me to the gamestop which was really cool of him. If anyone can help plz pm me i have no problem and would prefer to pay you guys for gas if you need it. Thx


Yeah I would have been interested in going to this but it sucks having paid for a TE stick and not being able to use it at these local tourneys…waiting to hear if that xcm ps3 to x360 converter is any good…



Manager is sick or something