Long Spencer Combos



Can someone confirm this…

From my experience, during longer Spencer combos the following happens:

  1. If you use a bionic bomber before an OTG grapple, the zip line combos utilizing “air S” do not work.

  2. If you use an OTG grapple before a bionic bomber that would utilize “air S” and end with an “H” grapple, you can not extend a bionic bomber into another launch.


Well, the first is definitely not true, and the second is only true for, reasons that don’t involve it specifically. Hitstun decay is just a timer that starts from when you first hit them and has a small amount subtracted when the opponent is launched from standing. The longer that timer runs, the less hitstun moves have. Bionic Bomber relaunches need to be very early in a combo and those OTG grapples take off a lot of time. But I commonly do the first thing you mentioned as my near-corner bnb.


Thanks for the clarification…

The reason I’m inquiring about this is because I can do an air s, zip, df zip, h grapple in the corner after an otg with no issues all day long, But when I try this after a bionic bomber launch into h grapple, into doom missles h grapple series, I drop it every time. Is this an example of hit stun decay?


I re read that and it look confusing even to me… This is what I’m trying to do.

L,M,H,S - M,M,H,S xx Bionic Bomber - M,H,S xx H Grapple + L - Doom Assists H Grapple Series xx Bionic Maneuvers - Tiger Knee H Grapple - S, Zip, DF Zip, H Grapple + L xx Bionic Maneauvers

Everything after the Tiger Knee H Grapple (OTG) I can do easily over and over, but not with the beginning series tacked on.


after the first super, the hit stun is way too high to do the jS after the OTG grapple…this is where u need to learn the Zip Zip ender…after the first super u have the TK H Grapple, wait for the right timing then down forward zip, then down back zip, then land H Grapple


I can successfully end this with down zip xx armor piercer xx maneuvers


^^ yeah, that works too, but u’ll be sacrificing about 70k in damage…but it does work