Long-time KoF player, new to SSFiv... any tips?

Hello everyone,

I’m a looooong time KoF player (like, back to KoF '94). I did play some Street Fighter in the 90’s (SSF2T and Alpha 3 were my faves), the last “Street Fighter” game i got into was CvS2.

So, after some friends recently started getting into SSF4ae, i’ve decided to also take the plunge… but it’s tricky, so far.

Are there any characters in SF that… i dunno… play like a KoF character? My consistent (like, the last ~20 years) mains in KoF have been: Leona, Ash (since XI), Benimaru, Kim, Terry, and Iori. I remember being into charge characters “back in the day”, especially Guile/Charlie/Remmy and also DeeJay in Alpha 3 and SSF2T… but i’m open to any character suggestions. The new characters, C.Viper and Juri seem kinda KoF-y… do they “play” like any?

It’s weird not having a run… and i keep hearing that jumping isn’t “good” in SF, and i’m so use to rush-downs… haha, it’s been a rough transition. So any help would be super appreciated!


I’ve heard and read from Garou MOTW players that Viper resembles Garou Terry to a little extent. At the very least, you will need to learn her feint cancel stuff to make the most out of her.

Juri is more of a zoner with the mid range pokes and fireball stores. She has some ideas from Kim and K’ but doesn’t play like them at all.

Never a bad idea to start out with a shoto like Ryu or Ken. Fireball Kyo and Iori are often likened to shotos after all. For rushdown characters, look no further than the upper tiers of current SF4 - Seth, Cammy, Rufus, Yun etc.

Players like Xiaohai and Poongko were KOF players first before going to SF4, so I imagine the jump isn’t impossible.

I’ll check out Viper, thanks! In MOTW, though, i think i played Freeman, Rock, and B.Janette more than Terry though… IIRC, MOTW Terry plays like KoF XI Terry? Which i DID use a lot.

How are the charge characters in SF4? Like i said, i used a lot of Guile and DeeJay ‘back when’, how have they evolved?

Thanks for the advice!

Charge characters are ok. It might take a while to get used to, as charge moves make a bigger difference in SF than KOF as far as I know.

You did mention you used Ash, so I suppose Guile/DeeJay would be okay. Chun-Li too, but she gets harder to use at higher levels.

Thanks again for the tips! I’m totally into C.Viper, and she’s the exact kind of KoF-y type of character i was looking for!

Guile’s also awesome. It’s like riding a bike… Guile, Charlie/Nash, Remy, Ash… all different, but sort of the same. I’m stoked to see what idiosyncracies Guile has for SSF4ae!

Time to practice, practice, practice…

One question… i seem to have a super tough time dealing with command grab users… especially a nasty Zangief and T.Hawk i faced last night… can you (sorry if the term is off) throw tech out of a command throw? Do i just need to know my distancing better? Do command throws have crazy priority, because i swear i was spinning piledriven/cray-cray T.Hawk face-much-slam a few times from a standing Burning Kick with Viper :frowning:

You MAY like Guy. Rush down heavy toon with a command run. It’s not perfect but it may close the gap.

Heh, see what I did there? close the gap? with a command run? Heh.

Nice! I’m a sucker for puns.

I forgot about Guy… I messed around with him in Alpha 3, but that got botched when I got into Maki in CvS2… too same-but-different. It’s been years, though, so who knows? I’ll try it out, thanks for the tip!

Avoiding command grabs comes with experience. Ideally you want to keep away or at an optimum distance from characters like Hawk and Zangief. There are some instances where you can jump back/away from a command grab, but some of the fast ones don’t allow it.

Against command grab mashers (or “butter churners” as they’re sometimes called), this old thread may help.

You played KoF for a long time so a slow paced, input lenient game like SF4 will be a breeze man. Just make sure you got your combos and especially block strings down, so online scrubs can’t mash DP on you. Yo soy un KoF player tambien, viva KoF<3
I think you should try to play Yun, I felt like I was playing KoF when using him. He’s a fast rushdown character with a godlike dive kick(despite the nerfs) for getting in, a lunge punch that will remind you of Terry’s burn knuckle, a great set of air normals just like terry and iori( neutral jumping hard punch is godlike) , and a command grab that remind you of Iori’s Kuzu Kaze command grab. I think I wrote that post pretty well. Lol o_O

Dude, that’s perfect. You totally get where I’m coming from, and that helps a ton!

I’ll check Yun. I passed on him in both SF3 and CvS2… but maybe now it’s time. As I mentioned, I do dig C. Viper so far, but that Fierce Faint Fierce thing is confusing me… I also really like Juri, though. She reminds me of a mix of Kim and Kain (from Mark of the Wolf).

I’m digging it so far, and I’m stoked to check Yun.

Any reason why Yun is (seems to be) sooooo heavily favored over Yang?

Well I like Yun cause he Skates and has a bad ass hat. He’s also the cocky/confident/out going twin in the story. He’s just plays better then Yang to be honest, and the tierlist proves that.
Another reason is probably Genejin, I think thats why 40% of the reason why most people pick Yun instead of Yang. But when AEv2013 comes out I’m pretty sure Yang is getting lots off nice buffs. Yang used to be A tier but after the v2012 nerfs he dropped to like C+… Yun also does well against a lot of high tier characters. And his dive kick is now a lot better then yangs, but once again version 2013 is coming so I’m pretty sure Yangs dive kick will be fixed after those undeserved nerfs in v2012… Another reason is cross up dive kicks are fun for blowing up scrubs who always resort to Dp when they feel pressured, while Yangs dive kick is useless for crossing up now.

I mean, skateboards ARE cooler than rollerblades, too, in any case.

Haha, i’ll pay attention to any changes that v.2013 might bring. Is there a release date? Also, these are my first FGs in a post-DLC world. How much do these annual versions change a character? You said Yang went from A to C+… that seems pretty drastic… I’d hate to get into a character only to have them nerfed to hell in a few weeks/months :frowning:

Well, you play KoF and that changes every year, right? In SF, they generally won’t make any changes to a character’s playstyle or moveset, it’s mostly damage/hitboxes/frame data, so you won’t have to relearn your character.

It was annual for ~10 years, from '94 to 2003… but, you make a perfectly valid point!

My issue is more that i’m still learning the SF side of things. I can deal with Kim in KoFXIII because i’ve been playing him since Fatal Fury, so it’s more a matter of learning the new subtleties. In the case of SFIVae, i’m learning these characters, basically from scratch. So, I was just concerned that the version changes would more impact me as a new player.

But, little things like you mentioned shouldn’t be a big deal. Thanks for the clarification!

Pick Seth.