Long time no post



I havent posted nor played SF in over 6 months, was an avid poster in the Dan forums for awhile, seems like there are alot of new students of saikyo in the dojo, see a few familiar names while perusing.

picked up SSF4 and jumped back in the fray. I am rusty as hell but managed to go 4-0 on my first foray into ranked. Admittedly, one guy challenged me 3 times in a row and I dont think he was capable of even performing a special. 4th guy was a 3k bp Akuma I perfected one round so that felt good, though im far from my SF4 form.

PSN gamer tag is under my avatar, if anyone see’s me online and wants to whip me back into shape with some matches feel free and its great to be back.


Welcome back, old buddy :bgrin: