Long time no post...

Its been a long time since I posted on this forum’s art gallery. My style’s changed a bit, so I decided to show three of my recent pictures;




My next project is a Darkstalker painting done Bengus-style. It should be up by next week.

Its good to be back. :slight_smile: C+C welcome and appreciated of course.

Ill just go ahead and crit the last one. This goes for all the also. Some of your values are kind of off. Edges are too crisp. If you want something to lay back soften the edges.

You have a 1 color fade happening. Try to transition it up into 3 colors for the darks mids and highlights. it looks to me as if you are using black for a shadow color. You can use black, but you have to kno how to control it if you are using bacl for shadows. Black makes for a muddy picture. try to substitute it with the actual hue.

I think what you need to work on the most out of anything would be massing. Your shadows connection could be stronger. Right now all your mids, darks, and highlights are weaving in and out. Missing a solid ground so your pics don’t have a sense of weight to it.

Oh and be sure to use reference when painting your backgrounds. They look a little generic right now. Overall awesome stuff man! keep it up.

Here is a paint over to try and help out.

Thanks for the tips SFMC. I was actually hoping I’d be able to pull a critique out of you. Surprisngly I don’t use black for shadow, I use a darker shade of the original color.
However, you’re the second person who has stated that “value” critique, so obviously its something I’ll have to work on.

I’m glad you like the paintings overall though.

Ass-kissing aside, I have another question for you my friend; I post on a lot of message boards, and often I get no responses. You got any tips on how to get more responses from message boards?

Np problem Mr hanz. Well sometimes if you get no response most likely people are thinking you are just coming to a forum fishing for comments. other reasons may be that you aren’t “popular” enough which is bs.

Give a crit to get a crit are some rules forums people play by, but you shouldn’t worry about that. keep it up with the paint jobs man. I know you got wicked pencil skills already. Later.

the first 2 pics are much more characteristic of your stuff than the 3rd. You always had the heavy inks, and the 3rd has practically no dark areas.

first pic is nice, but stiff. I think Yoda looks the best of the lot. Stormtrooper looks like he’s got a potbelly, might need more shading to correct that.

second pic is slightly surreal, almost Alice-in-wonderland-esque. I see the plant creature (and its impled counterpart) as Tweedledum & Tweedledee. Roses & checkerboard reinforce that feeling. Very abrupt transition from checkerboard to quicksand(?)… can’t tell what’s going on there.

the 3rd pic needs more shadows throughout the pic to help guide the eye around, and perhaps make the dark area of her cape brighter… after the bright orange of her bodysuit, that’s where my eye goes next, and then it’s stuck there. Also a reference for the bear might help, its standing position & face look a bit off.

to add to what SFMC has said abt getting responses… some boards are a bit clique-ish and they won’t respond unless (1) you seriously blow them away, which is difficult in a pro part board; or (2) you’re their buddy. In which case they’ll post and rag you abt slacking off even when your work isn’t great.

good to see your stuff again, btw :slight_smile:
looking forward to your Darkstalkers pic.

Thanks for your comments Rook. Yeah, its good to be back on Shoryuken. I kinda missed the crew around these parts.

I updated the 3rd pic, darkening up some areas, making the Bear’s head a little more robust, and adding a little flare to the crystal. I know that lens flare is looked down upon in most circles, but I wanted to add that “magic” effect to it. Hope I succeeded.

The Darkstalker pic is coming along very well. Hope you like it when I finish.

gosh, I just re-read my post and realized how negative I sound.
I like the pics, just wanted to point out some things… apologies if I came off too strong.

lol Its cool Rook. Feedback like that helps me improve. :karate:

Yeah, man! I’m diggin these pics. The star Wars one REALLY stands out, but I’m looking at Anakin, and the face doesn’t really match the hair’s source of light. The shadows do look on the black side, only because I see his fleshtones, and once you move further toward Anakin’s left, it’s immediately dull, that’s the only thing that threw me off. Other than that your textures are awesome, very thick and have the painting appearance.

Thanks for the comments Kandoken. The SW pic was a big learning process for me. It was the first time I had ever painted realistic pictures in Painter (In fact it was my first painting ever). When I did Anakin, I didn’t really have a handle on how to paint hair, or how to do flesh tones. Over the course of that painting (which took 2 weeks to finish) my knowledge on that has improved dramatically, so other characters in that image may look better done than others.

I did Yoda last, so its not surprising that so many people consider that one the best in the entire image.

Oh, the Darkstalkers painting is coming along nicely. I should be done with it by this weekend. I look forward to everyone’s comments.